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by Uchee
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And that's when the Fish said...

"Leave me alone!"

You see, he had been swimming with the school all day. Friends all around with not an inch of room to breathe. No mind of his own, he was caught in the social current. "It's how we stay alive" he thought to himself. But staying alive felt hardly worthwhile when there was no real choice.

"Perhaps I wasn't meant for gills," He pondered sadly as he nestled into the reeds lying beneath a decaying log.

As the night grew darker and the world grew colder, Fish fell into a deep sleep. The water gurgled and slipped between rocks nearby whilst he slumbered. Morning rose with the chatter of birds above. No light yet to be seen. Just the twitter of the anxious at dawn.

"Today," said fish, "I will leave this place." He smiled to himself as only a fish would as he quickly gulped the May Fly that had just landed on the surface of the stream. Moments later, he found the world around him spinning, getting brighter, warmer and suddenly, the world changed. His eyes felt tight, dry, everything was so bright. His breathing slowed. "This is it!" he thought as darkness fell.

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