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No10 : Saori and Milan①
After dinner, I took a shower as scheduled.

Water is precious in refugee camps, so not every doctor can take a shower every day.

Today is Saori and my day.

Water is a waste, so I always go to a small shower room together.

I was small when I came here, so I had a lot of room, but now I am growing and touching.

I don't hate it.

I like it rather, and I often play by touching each other's skin.

Saori-chan's skin moistened with soap is shiny, soft to the touch, and stimulating.

Instead, Saori also washed her body and said that the pink color of the shower was cute.

After washing each other's bodies, Saori kisses her.

To begin with, the kiss was a reward from Saori-san for me who had no habit of taking a bath.

Now that I'm an adult, Saori doesn't give me much reward.

Saori said kissing is the most important act of skinship.

And since I came here, I love kissing Saori.

When I was a kid, it was fun just to kiss, but recently I'm excited and a little embarrassed.

Recently, a light kiss is often unsatisfactory, and I often ask for a long kiss.

At first, I was confused that my tongues were intertwined, but now I'm putting in my tongue.

And even if you get a personal tent, you can go to the tent on a sleepless night or sneak into your bed and get warm.

It's like a child....

Saori and Milan take great care of me, and I worked hard with all my heart, and spared my sleep while studying.

That day, I was studying late into the night.

Saori has a maximum term of one year.

A year later, Saori returns to Japan.

I don't know what's going on, are you going back here or going somewhere else, or are you staying in Japan?

I once asked Saori to go to Japan.

Saori thought a little and said she had to learn Japanese.

Then I asked Saori to tell me immediately, "No, English isn't perfect yet."

When asked, "Can you teach me Japanese if you become fluent in English?" Saori said, "OK."

However, if you were studying Japanese after becoming able to speak English, you may not be able to learn Japanese while Saori was in office.

So I asked Milan to borrow a Japanese book and a commentary book.

However, I can't find the manual tonight.

I wondered if I had forgotten it when I was studying in the operating room during my lunch break, so I searched for the operating room, but it was not here either.

When I thought that it might have been cleared up in Milan, I thought I would visit the room in Milan and felt the presence of a doctor at the back of the treatment room.

Even small lights are leaking.

"Are you urgent at midnight...? Or a thief?"
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