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A book that will change your life . . . forever.
Tales from Twitter is a collection of Tweets that I edited into a coherent whole.

What's going on? I jump up and accidentally yank out my earphones. Geez, I don't want to break them. That story collection is on its side.

"Must be a sign, haha!"

Suddenly I hear seagulls, and the sound of waves. Then creaking, and rustling of rope. It stops abruptly, "What the,"

There's nothing wrong with the book: hardcover, made of paper. Smells good tho'.


I shove it back in place, and leave it. A sudden gust shuts my door tight. More waves and more creaking come. The cover starts move with the clouds.

"This-is-nuts . . . whatever this–"

The book moves again, and the smell of seawater hits my nose. Someone starts to talk. Can't hear them right.


The wind picks up, and rattles the windows. My skin feels warm, as if outside. Now another one speaks, this time more audible.

Someone pats me on the back, "Oy . . . Move it, you're in the way,"

"E-excuse me?" Their mop is stuck under my feet.

"Move!" They smell quite the putrid, and reek of booze. The deck rocks up and down, as we sail.


"Beat it,"

Someone speaks aloud, "You done Henry?"
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