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by Cherry
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Her Departure
She smiles yet you choose not to feel what her eyes are saying. Pristine tears well within her ,she turns away as she swallows them into her soul with despair. How she waits for you to see into the depth of her heart, Instead you blink and pretend you don't see.Why won't you notice her; yet you pause, she knows you feel her breath on your skin. How she hopes you feel her love and all that she has to give, although it may not feel whole or complete, she gives what she can. Soon her love will become entrapped within her own walls, to begin protecting her from your rejection. As she begins to slowly vanish, don't ask why. Those pristine tears turn in flawless diamonds; that now lay scattered upon her new path away from you ; oh how she believed your lies filled with hope of love and her dreams. They now will remain unheard and untouched. She stops ; looking back searching for her mistakes she made believing in you and your false promises. that were spoken . . . hidden from all seeing eyes. Feeling the lies you left imprinted upon her soul. The agony you tortured her with. Her heart skips a beat no longer being able to hold within the lies you made her believe in. She is left with no choice but to close the door one last time to your memories ; "whispering I love you . . . goodbye."
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