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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2229581
Voodoo temple and an entire town were discovered under the ocean.


The Voodoo temple

Kimo Takashi is a great expeditor. He says to his coworker, “Where have you been?”
George understands the Japanese language but does not speak it.
He replies, “In the early morning I have been to the west ocean edges of the island and I have discovered a temple under the sea. It belonged to the Voodoo tribe”.

Kimo replies nervously, “I said you previously never to go alone there. One day you will be cursed,” he adds.”
George smiles and continues, “The scanned picture of the area has revealed that a big town was built on the sea too. Their buildings were made of Basalt rocks”.
Kimo replies, “We will visit the area with the expeditor group tomorrow”.

George rejoins his group one hour later.
“George! What’s the matter with you?” Kimo asks.
“I worked late in the night yesterday,” he replies.
Near the shore where the Voodoo vestiges remain, George hears a voice.
However, no one from the crew does.
Kim looks at George worried and says, “You seem weird”.

“How it can be that primitive people built an entire empire on the sea, centuries later?” George says.
“It might be that there was an island, centuries ago, and that disappeared becoming just tectonic rock layers because of the volcanic nature of the region,” Kimo says.
“I do not succeed to see over there and just fog blurs my vision”, George says.

Kimo replies, “you are cursed, my friend.”
Just later the island starts to tremble and volcanic eruption is seen from over there at the top of the mountain.
The expeditor group rejoins the helicopter and return.
“Do you see the Voodoo temple over there at that point in the ocean?” George asks when being on the plane.
Kimo launches a serious glance at his friend George.

KHBEY/ The Voodoo Temple/ 300 words/August 16/2020/

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