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About the 23rd Psalm and an example of what it means to me.
The Lord takes care of me and walks with me daily. I do not want for anything and all my needs are met. He guides me through life's pastures and takes me by the rivers, brooks, and streams of life. He renews my mind and strength in him. He teaches me his Word that I may not stumble and fall for his glory and honor's sake. Even when death comes upon me to swallow me up he stops death from overtaking me and causes me to prevail over even death. I do not fear because I know my Lord is with me, his hands protect me, my Sheppard watches out for me so that no harm overtakes me. I am comforted by his presence. You Lord even bless me so that my enemies can see you are with me and I have your favor. I am blessed abundantly and have more than enough. Your goodness and mercy will be with me all the days of my life and every step of the way. I shall walk with you my Lord and dwell in your house forever I shall not leave your house.

I wake up it is early in the morning before the sun is even up. I wake up with my mind on the Lord Jesus. I talk to him in prayer, he talks back to me. He assures me that I will want for nothing and that my every need will be met today. He tells me I am his own and that he will walk with me through today's journey. He tells there will be many things that I will have to face today but he assures me he will be there every step of the way. I spend time in His word before bed and my mind and strength are renewed by what I find in the bible s pages. Now will be ready for the day. He will get all the honor and glory because he is the only reason and way I can get through my day successfully I know this.

I start the day with breakfast and then it's off to the doctors no tumors are found when an ultrasound is done. Fear tries to overtake me as the technician steps out to get a doctor. I know something is wrong but what? She steps in with the doctor they both look at the images and then step out. I am told by the technician that they have found tumors. I am not happy about what I am told but somehow I know deep down God will see me through. Little by little I being to seek out prayer and pray and believe God, I also do what it takes to be healthier. Exercising and eating better, I am told that I can have surgery and they can just take out all my female reproductive organs. I say no way there must be another way. They say yes there may be something we can try but there are no guarantees. I will try this shot they tell me about and believe in God. I don't want you to take all my female reproductive organs out, I may want another child. You are kind of old for that aren't you and you are bipolar aren't you some say. I find someone who really wants to help me finally. Help me be successful in what I want to do or at least help me to see if it's possible. That's all I need God put me with this OBGYN I think after being with others who cared not for me.

God keeps showing me his favor I am struggling but am getting stronger and stronger, losing weight I am down like 45 pounds. I am getting a grip on my bipolar also no hospitalizations in almost a year. God is blessing me so even those that mocked me and laughed at me can see God's hand upon me. I am even working now after almost 4 or 5 years of not working and being on disability. I am still on it but I am working not much but I am working. I will follow the Lord for the rest of my days and dwell in His house, I shall not leave His house. I don't know what's to come but I know as long as God is with me I can make it. He will see me through it all.

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