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by Jacky
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I hate waiting. I don’t care if it’s an hour or just minutes, I hate it. When I have to wait I find myself tensing up, suddenly I can think of twenty things I could be doing if I wasn’t stuck waiting. Not that I’d be doing them either, I just suddenly think I could be doing them, because I can’t be. It’s a slippery slope.

I always get more and more irritated as I wait. My therapist says I should just say “This is boring” and, let it go. I do try. But I always seem to ferret out the people and situations that are making it worse and I just can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut.

As I stood there in the line this morning, seriously minding my own business, the first thing I noticed was that the woman in front had about twenty five cans in her cart. Well, it was a ten items or less aisle. I didn’t care, it was all the same cat food I knew it would go fast, plus, I love cats. However the woman in front of me was a stickler. Ten items. Woman One says: “They’re all the same item!” Woman Two: “It says ten! You have twenty five!” “They’re five for a dollar, that’s only five!” “Twenty five swipes!” Blah, blah, blah. And the other checkouts had lines as long as a train.

Finally I couldn’t stand it one more minute! I casually mentioned that Woman Two had eleven items in her cart. It was amazing. Like fireworks!

I left my stuff, I could get my bread at the corner store easily enough, and I’d slipped my dish soap into number two’s cart. My therapist probably won’t be happy, but, it certainly made my day.
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