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My name is Tina Weaver. I’ve been connected to WDC since 2007. I didn’t start out a very good writer or reviewer. Someone gave me a gift of a 3 month membership after I’d been posting for a while. At the time I’d written 2 “novels.”
One of those two “novel” is paranormal. I wrote it so many years ago I can’t remember when. It will be the next book I begin rewriting to publish. If you notice my user name is THEKINDRED it’s because when I joined I had no idea what a handle was or that it can’t be changed. My paranormal people are called The Kindred…..
I love writing. I don't stick to one genre, though most of my work is mystery of some sort. On WDC the biggest advantage is trying to write in different genre. Paranormal is one of my favorites.

Here are a sample of my short stories. Please take time to read them as I may refer to them in the lesson.

The Silver Brush  (13+)
A cursed brush from Alice's Curiosity Shoppe
#1589842 by Quick-Quill
Air + Wind  (18+)
Secrets are revealed 1st Place in Supernatural Contest
#1564479 by Quick-Quill
Coffee Anyone?  (13+)
Order a beverage here might not be easy
#2199904 by Quick-Quill

Here is my contact information:



I post mostly great writing tips I've come across and want to share.

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