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by Nan
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Just a short article i wrote after spilling out whatever that i have been keeping inside.
silence keeps the worms inside. But there are some humans who will stick around just to open that can. They only see the quality and branding of the can; they aren't interested in the worms. Is it a good thing not to know/be interested in the worms but the can?
It's not easy to open your can of worms to anyone but either way it happens at some point all because you 'felt' , some say you choose to tell but sometimes it just happens. you open it because you trusted, once its out one person other than you know the kind of worms you carry.
The worms wont stop coming out, the other person get scared and tired, start coming up with excuses to run, not knowing that it's much scarier for you now that someone else knows what's in the can. you start picking the worms one by one back inside; try seal the can again it cuts you up; they are exposed!
To all; different some people find you interesting while for some it's amusing. Please don't open the can just because you feel/felt, it takes more than that to open that can. Rather polish it,get up and dance with your worms and you might like them or they might just die because of suffocation, seal that can!

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