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by janaya
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thangs happen
There's a lot that can go wrong in relationships. For instance bacily everything. there is a lot to lose when it comes to relationships like friends and sometimes family. lets start with liking someone, people are afraid to even like someone because they might be afraid that the other person dose not like them back or they might like someone else. people are afraid to tell someone that they like them because there afraid of the response of the person they like. sometimes they like you too or sometimes they dont its just a gander. not everyone is the same, some people dont care if there crush knows they like them others do. some people are more emotional then others so some need to be let down easier and others need to be told it straight up. once there crush knows they like them theres one of two things that could happen,1 they could like you back or 2 they could not like you. and if they dont then they could make fun of you for liking them or they could keep quiet about it like a civil person. but life is not only about good things but sometimes something good can come out of something bad. sometimes there is things that show up with out any warning. things just come and go there is nothing we can do about it. things will get in between people and cause arguments but the best relationships can overcome these things. relationships can either make you stronger as a person or it can tare you down. relationships can show you the best or worst parts of people and yourself. people can get hurt very bad when it comes to falling for people.
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