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by janaya
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stressful times of a person in need of a kind heart
Imagine this, you're a 15-year-old girl and you just moved and you have to go to a new school. you have no idea what to expect because you have never been the "new kid''. you start to believe that maybe by some miracle it will not be as bad as you think. Your first day is today and you think you're ready and you try to dress up a little and do your make up so you don't look like a zombie. you get on the bus, no one wants you to sit next to them so you walk up and down the aisle for what seems like an eternity searching for a place to sit. your nerves are startled when the driver got up and placed you in a seat. the seat in which you are sitting next to one of the "popular" girls. She looks at you in disgust. and She laughs at you with her friends sitting in the seat behind you. all that goes through your mind is worried that this all this new is the beginning of a hell hole. Once you get to school you jump up and leave the bus as soon as you can because you can't stand it anymore. you step in the hallway and you see hundreds of people. you get honestly scared you will get lost. Just then a teacher asks you if you're alright. All you can do is say help. The teacher then shows you your locker and the lunchroom. you get to your locker and start placing your things inside. when you get startled by the presence of someone standing beside you watching you. you can't say anything so you finish and walk to the lunchroom to get breakfast. you walk through the line and you get out with your food and you stop puzzled. there are about 6 rows you can walk down. all in which have 4 tables. you look for a table that has little to no one at it. of course there is no such thing. so you look for people who look friendly so sit with. every table you walk to people say no or make no room. At this point, you're a little frustrated. you take your tray and throw it away and as the bell rings you head to your locker and grab your things for your first class. as you walk to your classroom someone bumps into you and says "excuse me" really rudely. you keep walking. Throughout the day the teachers have to tell you where to sit because no one wants you to sit by them.
for some reason, you think it could have gone worse and you get home and you think about all the rude things people have done all day. all you can say is am I not pretty enough or was it something I wore. you sit thinking completely puzzled. For the next few weeks, you try to make friends and talk to people. yet every day you go home and think it's you that's the problem. The only solution to get people to like you is to be like the "popular" kids. you think that's nonsense, you hate how stuck up they are and you are thinking of being like one?. you have these thoughts and all over again you think the only way is to be like them because everyone likes them. so she does her makeup and tries to dress like them. soon you start getting noticed. your days are not as bad as your first few weeks. you start hanging out with the "popular" girls and you start talking and acting like them. your days seem good but when you go home you can't sleep because you know this can't last forever. you know you can't pretend anymore. you are tired of dressing and acting like them.
one day you walk into the lunchroom and the girls look at you and gesture to you in an empty seat. you sit and you realize that a little girl was sitting all alone so you get up and one of the girls grab your arm and you sit back down. Once the bell rings you walk over to the loner and ask her if she is OK. she tells you about the girls you have been hanging out with. how terrible they have been treating people. to think that you would never stand for people getting picked on and yet you're hanging out with them. you realize you pick on others too. you start feeling bad. the next day you decide that you will talk to the loner again. this time she took you into the bathroom and had you look in the mirror and you were looking at a stranger. you did not even recognize yourself. the girls made you into someone you're not. The girl makes you aware of all that you have changed and how bad you treated others.you break down.
you tell them you can't hang around them and they get mad and start calling you names. you run to the bathroom and cry. About a week later you see them picking on your new friend and you walk over to them and push the girls back and tell them to stop. one of them pushed you into the locker then they started making fun of you. the next few days are like this, they pushed you around and when you got home you cried. The next day they tripped you and you fell down the stairs, you decide you are not going to take it anymore. The next day they pushed you into the lockers and one of the girls hit you, this is where you lose it and hit the girl back. One of the girls says “ WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!” without thinking you say “ you”. They walked away while mumbling under their breath. Your friend saw the whole thing and asked why you did what you did. You say that you can't deal with being pushed around and hit and neither should she. From this point on the girls did not care what people said about them. They are not going to change who they are. Every time people made fun of them the girls stood up and said something. People thought they were anything but “popular” but that was OK. You realize that being popular is wrong. You have friends and you talk to people. You don't have to be popular to have that.
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