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It's a Dog's Life W/C 564


*Dog2* ‘Yes, there it is. Pick it up. I’ll wait all day if I have to. I have nothing else to do………Ah, squirrel…….’

“If I have to throw that ball one more time, I swear. Maybe she’ll forget about it. Oh no! Not the squirrel. Not in the Holt’s yard…… Get back here, Misty!!”

*Dog2* ‘False alarm. The gate was shut. Okay, pick it up. I’ll wait all day if I have to. I have nothing else to do……….Ah, the cat………..’

“For pity sake, not the cat again. Let me get the ball and get you inside. Enough of the games today. I have work to do. You need to behave. In you go.”

*Dog2* ‘Wait. The round thing. Get the round thing. We need to protect it.’

“Get in the house, Misty! Now. Go!”

*Dog2* ‘Okay. Going. No need to yell.’

“Misty, you lay down like a good dog while I work.”

*Dog2* ‘But the round thing, see, in my mouth? I have to chase it.’

“No, no more games. The ball game is done.”

*Dog2* ‘Just one more time. Then I’ll lay down. Come on, Julie, one more time, see, I’m happy! One more time! One more time! See, I’m happy! One more time! See! Happy! Happy!’

“You are silly, you know? Look at that tail. Now quit that barking. Okay, just one more time. There you go.”

*Dog2* ‘Have to find round thing. Where did it go?’

“It’s under the couch. See it?”

*Dog2* ‘Can’t reach it, must get round thing. Julie must help. Help! Help?’

“Okay, quit barking. You’ll wake Sammy. Here you go, now it’s time to lay down. No! Misty, lay down. DOWN!”

*Dog2* ‘I understand DOWN. That means no more fun with the round thing. I will chew it on my bed. No one can take the round thing away from me. Unless it’s Julie or the small Sammy. I let the small Sammy take it. The small Sammy is like my pup, so the small Sammy can play with me. I will wait for the small Sammy.’


Later that day:

“Okay Sammy, you can get down in a minute. Yes, that’s the doggie. See, good doggie.”

*Dog2* ‘Oh, small Sammy is awake.’

“Here, you sit here while Mommy fixes food. Here’s some Cheerios.”

*Dog2* ‘Small Sammy has small food bits. Small Sammy always drops food for me. See me, small Sammy. Me! ME! ME-E-E!!!’

“Oh Misty, stop begging. Look at you. You’re pitiful. You know she’ll drop more than she eats. See? There they go. Good dog, clean them up.”

*Dog2* ‘Thank you, small Sammy, my pup. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the small bits, small bits are wonderful. Did I get them all? No, a few more just dropped. Thank you, thank you….’

“Now I’m going to put you down, Sammy. You stay where Mommy can see you. And Misty, you be nice to baby. Hear?”

*Dog2* ‘Small Sammy is my pup. She can play with me. I let her pull my ears, OUCH!’

*Dog2* ‘Maybe I’ll wait in my bed. Small Sammy can come to my bed and lay down with me. Wait! I have to hide the round thing. Pup will try to chew it. Julie won’t like that. I’ll lose the round thing.’


The next day:

*Dog2* ‘Aahhhhh. Thank you small Sammy my pup. I love when you rub my tummy, my ears, my back……………. I love you………………’

“Oh Sammy. Come on now, leave the dog alone. Let Misty sleep. We’ll go for a walk later. Say bye bye to Misty.”

*BabyGirl* “bye bye misty. bye bye doggie. i wuv you.”

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