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We live in strange times
         We live a world that is completely misleading and most of our truth is shrouded in doubt. A constant weight of uneasiness bears down on society and sticks like the unbearable humidity of the deep south and so many ignore this while the rest continue an unwarranted assault against themselves. The "system" that's been set in place for us to follow seems as if the only thing we received was a puzzle with stolen pieces, taken to be hidden from us with malicious intent. Ignorance and filtered misinformation take up the sum of our airwaves to be greedily accepted by the simple minded, the one's who have the clouded view of what's in front of them.          Mankind, society, and steady decrease in humanity are the key factors in leading us into this era of sad sad beings. Wanting it all and still not enough...If there is a God, I bet he records us for his entertainment collection, labeled "failed" and filed under "snuff"

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