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A girl, a goose, a busy day, and then to bed
Mother Goose Down

Tickle, tickle Mother Goose,
have you any feathers loose?
Let’s gather up soft down to lay
a featherbed for Desiree.
Add cotton sheets so white and pure,
and sew a quilt to comfort her.
Then fill some pillows for the bed
so she can rest her weary head.

         A girl and a goose

A busy girl, Miss Desiree;
with much to do and much to say.
To visit Debbie is a treat;
games to play and snacks to eat.
She’ll pet a bunny, brush the cat;
and giggle through a water spat.
Fun with friends, a day of play;
then send home sleepy Desiree.

         A girl sleeping in a feather bed

No more swings and no more balls,
up the stairs and down the hall.
She’s tuckered out, so tuck her in;
pull the down up to her chin.
Just lie still, let eyelids close,
breathe in deep and breathe out slow.
Nod off and dream of days to come,
filled with joy and summer sun.

Terrence G. Fisher 2020

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