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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2229897
A young girl and her bear experience their first thunderstorm.
Adventures of Banu And Selena, Part 1

Their First Thunderstorm


elena woke with a start. She felt like she'd just heard a really loud sound. She laid there trying to decide if she should get up or pull the blanket over her head and hope it didn't happen again. While she made up her mind, she stared at the model of the planet hanging over her bed.
         Her daddy had built it and put it up there. It showed all the continents and rotated so she would always see the side that was lit up by the sun. If she focused really hard on a small part of it she could see the outlines of the larger cities. Daddy said it was a "protoplyp of gobal sitiation" or something like that. She didn't care what it was called, it was neat.
         Her room briefly lit up with a very bright light followed quickly by a loud boom. She yanked the blanket over her head then curled up into a ball on her side with Banu, a tiny brown bear with an eye patch and a blue bow tie.
         "I wonder if it's Godzilla?" she whispered, then added. "Please don't eat me, Mr. Godzilla."
         There was another flash and boom. This didn't seem as bright or loud. Then again she did have a blanket over her head so maybe it was the same. She decided to wait and talk to Banu about it.
         "I don't think it's Godzilla. He lives on the other side of the ocean. It must be something else. But what?" she asked Banu.
         "It could be giants. They might be mad about something again," Banu replied, as he shifted to a more comfortable position in Selena's arms.
         "Oh, maybe," she paused, thinking about it for a few minutes then continued. "But what about the -"
         The room lit up again and another boom. This time the time between the light and the boom was a lot longer.
         "- light? Last time they got upset it was a lot of shouting and banging things. I don't remember any light."
         "Hmm, that's true," Banu said the paused in thought.
         "Maybe witches and warlocks are fighting again," Selena said.
         The room lit up but it was definitely not as bright and the boom cam a long time to sound. Selena pulled the blanket off their heads and sat up. The room was still dark.
         "I wonder what time it is?" Selena asked.
         "Time for a snack, that's what time it is," Banu stated.
         Selena looked a the little bear. One of the gypsy pixies down by the levee had stolen his eye last year and refused to return it. He wanted her to give him some alcohol but all she has was half a peanut butter sandwich and some apple slices. He, of course, didn't want the sandwich since pixies are allergic to peanuts nor did he want the apple slices. He flew off over the stream and dropped it. He was a cruel pixie. She wanted to search for it but the water was moving too fast. Mommy made Banu and eye patch and Daddy promised to get him a new eye as soon as they could.
         "OK, let's go to the kitchen," Selena said. She wiggled her butt over to the ladder and climbed down. Banu used a narrow ramp at the other end of the bed to climb down.
         She stepped over to her door just as the room lit up really brightly and a terrific boom sounded. She froze with her hand on the knob. She stood there for several minutes but nothing more happened.
         "Are you just going to stand there all night?" Banu asked.
         Selena looked down at the tiny bear next to her right leg, sighed, and opened the door. Her room opened onto the living room and kitchen. The kitchen was to her right and the living room to her left. Across from her was another door. Her parents and baby brother slept in that room.
         Banu made his way into the kitchen and Selena followed.
         She wasn't really hungry but Banu was always hungry. He didn't eat much but he ate often. Kind of like her brother. Maybe she would eat some grapes to keep him company.
         Banu had his own shelf in the cupboard. He got a package of jerky out of it, took out a few pieces, and put the package back.          Selena retrieved a hand full of grapes from the cold storage cabinet.
         They were just turning to go into the living room when a voice said, "What are you doing up at this hour?"
         Selena froze and almost dropped her grapes.
         "Light and boom woke us up," Banu said.
         "Oh, Daddy!" Selena hugged her father.
         At that moment the room lit up and another loud boom sounded.
         "Are the witches and warlocks fighting again?" Selena asked, still hugging her father.
         "What? Oh, no, Lena. That is a thunderstorm. Here let's go to the window and you can see the lighting from the sky," he said as he turned and walked across the living room to a wide window.
         Selena followed. Banu being smaller walked slower across the room.
         "Thunderstorm, I knew that," Banu said quietly to himself then added. "Not giants. Why would anyone think it was giants? They don't make light like that. I bet the pixies are behind it. I wouldn't put it past those little devils."
         Selena stood on the couch that was up against the wall the window was on, while her Dad kneeled on it. Banu just sat on a small chair in the corner eating his jerky and muttering to himself about pixie eye thieves.
         Just as they settled in Selena saw a jagged bolt of bright white light strike the mountain from the cloud above it. it was both beautiful and frightening. Then the thunder rolled over them startling Selen.
         "The lightning, that jagged bright thing, makes a big sound as it travels from the clouds to the ground. We call that sound thunder. 0f you count the seconds between the lightning strike and when you hear the thunder you can tell how far away it is from us," her Daddy said.
         "So it's not witches and warlocks fighting?" Selena asked.
         "No. It's just a thunderstorm. We don't get them very often. In fact, the last one was just before you were born."
         "Oh," Selena replied. She didn't know if she was disappointed or not. The thunderstorm was pretty neat but witches and warlocks fighting sounded more interesting.
         Eventually, the storm moved on and they all went back to bed. Just before her father left them he whispered to Selena that they had a new eye for Banu and would be taking him to the vet-mage in the morning.
         Her last thought before she fell asleep was how excited Banu was going to be to get a new eye!
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