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by Jolanh
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Irelynne does not want to be a cliched heroine. So she searches for a new Identity
She was the typical goddess of the Romance novel. Blonde hair blue eyes, beautiful but didn't know it, until a man came along and gave her value. Her author held the ugliest place in her heart because of his outdated sexist ideas. Her name wasn't the greatest either; Irelynne. Who would name their child that? Irelynne wouldn't.

Her mother used to say "If you aren't happy with your situation, do something about it." The author's version of doing something about her misery involved doing someone in a scene with terrible sexual innuendo. Tonight all of that would change. Tonight she would peruse the rest of his work and find the right story for her.

She started with a fantasy story. "I could be a daring princess off to rescue the prince. Or I could be the first lady politician fighting for social change. Wouldn't that add some depth to my character?"

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and jumped into the unfinished document. When her eyes opened, she was in the middle of a silent hallway with bronze sconces attached to old weathered stone walls. The smell of oiled leather, made her think dominatrix until her hand caressed the leather dagger sheath, and studded breastplate pressed against her body. A bulge in the left pocket turned out to be a scroll.

Irelynne unrolled the parchment with excitement, "I wonder what this character was doing before I took their place?" In flawless calligraphy, the words "Kill the child" stared back at her.

"Why am I killing this child? For who? Maybe I should have read the story first." And then it hit her, "I'm the villain." Heavy boots echoed from down the hall. Irelynnes heart raced, and her mind a muddle of panic.

A small but noticeable alcove with porcelain figures dressed in elaborate gowns looked like her only option. In a fluid motion, she yanked a curtain down, wrapped it around her body. She froze at the back, where the shadow was heaviest.

"I am telling you, Flynn, her breasts were out to here." A fat piggish guard said as he exaggerated size with his arms. He looked and acted like a slob. One that had no problem letting a silent but violent wind in Irelynnes direction.

She tasted the bile in her throat, as the hair curling scent grappled with her nose hairs. Irelynne wasn't sure what the man was eating, but it wasn't fresh. If she gagged, the jig was up, and she clapped her hand to her mouth.

"Esmerelda is a comely whore, eager to please. If I could find a wife with her talent, I could die a happy man." The handsome and rugged Flynn said. The smell began to ferment. Irelynne desperately tried to hold her breath, the noxious fumes were inhuman, and even the devil would have to plug his nose.

"He won't do at all. I came to this story to find someone different from the usual male leads. I wonder why the child has to die? Maybe I could be a single mother? Yes, I will steal the child from this story."

The pair of alpha boars continued their revolting discussion, and the cloud of toxic waste finally petered out. Irelynne waited until they strolled down the corridor. "They deserve each other." Irelynne padded down the hall checking in empty rooms for this child who had to die.
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