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Post-pandemic, Sarah discovers how to be happy.
It was a new age. Post-Coronavirus, the earth functioned quite differently.

The new age was called The Social Age. The Computer/Information Age was over not only when the pandemic hit the planet, but also when resources were too scarce for human beings. Petroleum was near gone. There was nowhere near enough to fuel personal cars or even buses anymore. Money that had been used on new forms of transportation and roadways was used for medical purposes, and there was less money for technology.

People became more charity-minded, giving of their own resources to help each other. People travelled a lot less, thanks largely to getting used to staying at home during the old quarantine. There were small communities, though. They were all like communes. These self-sufficient communities provided for themselves the food, shelter, clothing, and group activities.

Sarah was a twenty-two year old young woman who lived in North America close to the Pacific Ocean. Her community had a garden that grew lots of vegetables: tomatoes, green beans, and turnips. They had chickens. Over by the water they had fish including salmon. They made bread, ate their own oranges, apples, and pears from fruit trees, and milked their own cows.

She was one of the clothes makers in the group. She knitted, crocheted, and sewed lots of clothes. She chose the colors of fabric she liked the best and created lovely outfits for the people of the group. She also liked to pray regularly. At night she would kneel in front of the crucifix in the prayer room and ask God for enough fabric and everything they needed. She said silently, “God, thank you for helping us stay alive. Give us enough, give us enough...”

One day, a young man who tended to the animals was walking by her in the hallway between bedrooms, and he said to her, “I think we’re going to need another sheep. We can’t make enough wool for your clothing designs.”

And Sarah felt like she was going to cry. “God, God,” she said. “Why won’t we have enough?”

The world had become yet again what it once was deep into history, and she loved it. She was relieved that there was not so much fast-paced business anymore. So she said, “God, can we have enough?”

And he answered her. “But you do!” He said. And she looked into the back where the animals were, and there was miraculously one more sheep.

“Where did that sheep come from?” She asked everyone.

“I don’t know,” one person said.

“I don’t know,” the young man said.

But she knew from the Holy Spirit where that had come from. He was the lost sheep, and now they had enough.
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