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A Story-Poem Contest Entry
I got my old rod and my reel,
to find some wild magic stream.
Knowing it could not be real,
just my friend with an odd dream.

Walking in the darkened wood,
all seemed as it should be.
He said nature would,
all start mumbling to me.

But naught sounded odd,
as I went to the west.
I’d been had! It’s all a fraud!
There was no real magical quest.

Then the birds that usually chirp,
began to make sense.
How could words they usurp?!
This became quite intense!

It was not just a fowl,
‘cause I swear that a flower,
let loose with a howl,
what gave them this power?

Nature was leading me now,
this way and that.
Trees bent back a bough,
to reveal a bobcat!

The feline would lead,
and I would just follow.
I knew to accede,
and my pride just to swallow.

Soon I was led,
to the place that I sought.
Before me was spread,
a fine angling spot.

Rod in hand, I leaned on a rock.
“Off me!” It said with a hiss.
A boulder can talk?
What voodoo is this?!

Spying a deep pool,
I cast in my fly.
My pal was no fool,
darn right I would try…

It happened so quick,
a fish on the line!
I knew I was slick,
but this was divine!

He dragged and he fought,
but I got him to land.
He knew he was caught,
when held in my hand.

“A wish I’ll convey… put me back in the pool!”
Then he swam away, and called me a fool.

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