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by Rae
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A shy girl participates in a talent show to overcome her fears
The talent-show was meant to be my last ‘Hurrah!’ before I graduated from high school. The other students would see “Meek Molly” in a whole new light. I was going to astound them all with my beautiful singing voice.

I practised so hard. Every night for 4 months I played til the nylon strings rubbed my fingers raw. I probably used my voice more in those 4 months than I had in the past 2 years. And all along the way, Laurie was there to encourage me. My only friend, my rock, Laurie.

By the time the day I arrived, I was feeling confident. I was going to show them who I really was, that I was stronger than they thought.

But as I walked up onto the stage, my confidence faded away like shadows under the bright lights. Sweat gathered on the palms of my hands as I sat on the stool in the centre of the stage. Amidst the nervous ringing in my ears, I heard snatches of whispered conservation from the audience,

“Meek Molly strikes again…”,

“… brought a guitar but forgot her tongue”


“…such a weakling…”

I tried to strum the first chord, but my hands refused to cooperate, and the mangled chord elicited a wave of giggles and jeers from the crowd. My eyes closed, hiding my conscious from further embarrassment.

I heard footsteps run to the stage, and when I opened my eyes, an angel was standing before, with white light shining around her.

“Let’s get out of here, Molls”

Laurie held her hand out to me, and pulled me off the stool. She dragged me out of the theatre, shooting glares at the snickering students.

Later, I played my song for her. She was the only one that deserved it anyway.
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