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Flash Fiction - 296 Words
"OK, that's good come on down, let's get our of here."

My buddy Ted and me planned it. Our senior year, last month of school then off to college. We thought we could pull it off and create a stir. In a town of 600 it doesn't take much to cause a ruckus.

The water tower was located on the block with the Baptist Church. We could picture the church goers staring at the tower saying how disgraceful. Our parents insisted that we attend church. We knew we could keep a straight face even when Martha Lou the enforcer eyed the tower.

Saturday night we packed our gear and climbed the tower. Ted volunteered to take the ladder to the top, I stood guard near the bottom of the dome. I almost chickened out, 130 feet to the top, but Ted wouldn't hear of it.

By midnight the town was dead, nothing stirring. Since my job didn't include the climb to the top, I carried the bag with the dummy and rope. Ted did a good job making him - big head, wig, flannel shirt and blue jeans.

I waited while Ted lowered the dummy halfway down the dome facing the Baptist Church. We descended the ladder and headed home.

Sunday morning the crowd stared at the tower, so did we. Someone had shot a hole through the tower between the dummy's legs, below the fly of his pants. A steady stream of pee splattered the ground. Martha Lou fainted.

We got by with it, didn't get caught and we left for college.

Years later, I found out that Ted let it slip to his girlfriend's brother about our plans. Who would have guessed the sharp shooter would become my brother-in-law? He confessed, he used a 30/30.

295 Words

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