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When the air of love strikes everyone losses their sense of reasoning.
I don't even know more or less
Was it me or
You were the one clueless
There were many times
I showed you my love
Every moment
Every single scold
I had for you
Because of you.
Every starry night,
Every Flower bed,
Every snowfall
I was with you every time
But you thought about it
I know you also loved me
Or want to spend more tome with me
But we were scared of each other
That every moment was
As sweet and sour as a ripe lime
Your tears on my shoulder
And mine on your's
Are not fading from our heart
Those after hours raving with each other
Was so lighten up for me
Because you were there with me
I am still confused that
Am I the one or
You were the fool.
No we both were
That we weren't able to catch each other's love
Now this time
"I love you"
Or both goes at the same time
Both blushing starring other's shoes
Too ashamed to look at other's red face
And crying
For each others warmth and love.........
-Dark Fox
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