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by Seuzz
Rated: ASR · Outline · Fanfiction · #2230130
Peter Parker's perfect summer is interrupted by crime-fighting.
Characters: Peter Parker/Spider-Man; Miles Morales/Spider-Miles; Black Cat; Aunt May; Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer; Silvermane; Silvermane's grandson; Ross Caliban; Gwen Stacy; Anya Corazon; Nocturnal; Max Modell; Randy Robertson

Act I
It's summer vacation, and PETER PARKER and MILES MORALES are at the beach taking a well-deserved break from school and crimefighting. Peter has a checklist of classic summer activities he wants to do, but when he sees the prize money being stolen from a hot dog eating contest, he puts on his Spider-Man togs and gives chase. But it's BLACK CAT who stole the money, and Spider-Man has a thin time of it as her "bad luck" power constantly trips him up. (He has never seen or fought her, so he doesn't understand what is going on.) But he has good luck at the end when she accidentally jinxes herself, and he recovers the money. He gets it back to the contest in time for Miles (winner of the contest) to claim it.

Act II
Next on the list is a baseball game, and Peter meets his AUNT MAY at mostly empty stadium. The game is supposed to be a blowout—New York is playing a team that hasn't won in decades—but as Peter joins her the other team begins hitting home runs. Aunt May sends Peter to get snacks (she says she's a nervous eater), and at the concession stand Peter sees a man using what appears to be a magic wand to control the baseball. He changes into costume and gives chase, dodging the loose trash and equipment that the man wafts at him with the wand. Peter catches and traps him in a locker room. The man brags of being the master criminal THE TINKERER (but Peter doesn't recognize the name) and says he just wanted to help his favorite team win for once. Peter denounces this as cheating and turns the Tinkerer over to security. He returns to find New York winning again, but Aunt May delicately asks him not to attend any more games, as he seems to be a jinx.

Spider-Man is racing to get to a pop concert by his favorite singer, ROSS CALIBAN, when he sees Caliban being kidnapped just outside the auditorium. He follows. At a warehouse decorated for a birthday, the gangster SILVERMANE is throwing a party for his spoiled GRANDSON, and Caliban is the entertainment. Spider-Man drops in, and he and Caliban are both thrilled to find that each one is a fan of the other. In the battle that follows, Silvermane and his goons are disabled, but Spider-Man is unable to deal with the grandson, who is a nunchuck-wielding terror. Caliban has to save Spider-Man by promising to pose for a selfie with the grandson. Spider-Man drops Caliban off at the theater, then goes around front to change before going inside; but he finds that he has lost his ticket. He ecstatic, though, when over the speakers in front of the box office he hears Caliban dedicating a song to Spider-Man.

Act IV
Peter is morose on a camping trip with Miles, GWEN STACY and ANYA CORAZON, saying that his perfect summer isn't going according to plan. After the others turn in for the night, Peter sees their food being stolen by a giant, flying owl-boy. He changes into his costume and gives chase, fighting the creature, who calls himself NOCTURNAL. He catches the creature, which confesses to being the product of a lab accident who ran away when he didn't have any friends. Spider-Man takes Nocturnal back to camp, but the latter flies away when he says he's not ready to trust anyone. The next morning, Peter apologizes to his friends for being a downer the night before, saying that thanks to them he is having the perfect summer vacation.

The above is closely based on "How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation" by Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt

"Spider-Man Commentary: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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