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Discussion about immunization takes an unexpected turn. Dialog 500 - Aug 2020 500 words
“Oh come on,”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s the article I’m reading.”

“Is that the new Samsung S6 Tablet?”

“Why yes.”

“Personally I would rather just sit and enjoy the ambience of the park.”

“Well, the articles about making childhood immunizations compulsory”

“You don’t agree?”

“It’s an invasion of a parent’s rights.”

“They have an obligation to their kid’s well-being.”

“Some vaccines have caused seizures and studies have linked them to autism.”

“I take it you don’t get a yearly flu shot.”

“It only fights against the previous year’s strain…I’ve had them in the past and still got the flu.”

“Do you catch the bus to work each day?”

“I care about the environment.”

“If the bus was full and you had the flu, would you still board it?”

“My boss expects me to get to work on time and I only have limited sick leave, so yes.”

“That is consistent with most of the population. It is more than likely nearly a third of the passengers would be feeling flu-like symptoms.”

“So, what’s your point?”

“Isn’t it better to take precautions like getting immunized, not only your sake but also for others?”

“I would if it worked, but it doesn’t so I don’t bother getting someone to stick a needle in my arm.”

“Do you think if buses only had one row of seats, and people practiced social distancing all year round, the Flu would not end up killing so many people each year?”

“Why stop there? Perhaps we should all live in perpetual lockdown.”

“I just think if people took the flu as seriously as they do Covid-19 then we’d have a much healthier nation.”

“We’d also have to close our boarders permanently or have isolation facilities all year round. Would you like to see Guantanamo Bay-type Detention Camps set up around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch?”

“It might also help stop the spread of a lot of introduced diseases into this country.”

“It would work in a perfect world but we just wouldn’t have the finance and time to spare for such an enterprise.”

“I haven’t been feeling too well lately…I went to Newtown Medical Centre.”

“Don’t talk to me about Medical Centres. Last time I was there was like being trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare. The woman in reception would have made a good Gestapo officer.”

“They tested me for the virus.”

“Typical medical paranoia. Always out to make a fast buck with their fees and prescriptions.”

“Well I tested positive for having the Covid-19.”

“You did? Oh my God! Get away from me! How could you be so insensitive to go out in public?”

“That’s why I have a mask and sitting two meters from you. They have an experimental vaccine they want to test out on me, but I’m not sure if it will work so I don’t think I’ll bother.”

“I’d advise you to take the vaccination. You owe it to yourself as well as those around you.”

“That’s sound advice.”
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