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Charlotte! Really?

         “Howdy. Mind if I join you?”
         “Help yourself. The bench is public and free.”
         “Every couple hours, I got to get out of that rig and stretch my legs.”
         “I can imagine. Even in a beautiful rig like that, you can't stay in it forever.”
         “I used to be able to drive ten hours without a stop. Can't do that anymore.”
         “That is a fine rig. I love those Peterbuilts, and that white one of yours is stunning.”
         “She's a good rig. Got half a million miles on it. Just getting broke in.”
         “I see by the side panel on your trailer, you're hauling a load of Corona Beer. Work for them?”
         “Naa. I'm an independent, but I haul for them quite often, so I guess I'm one of their favorites.”
         “Ironic, everybody hunkered down, hiding from this virus, and you rolling down the road with 'Corona' in big white letters on your trailer.”
         “Right. You know, I never thought about that.”
         “I have a strange sense of humor.”
         “You just sitting out enjoying the morning?”
         “Sort of. I'm traveling but in no hurry. I'll get there when I get there.”
         “Oh, where you headed?”
         “Charlotte! Really? That's where I'm going.”
         “Taking that truckload of Corona Beer to Charlotte?”
         “Yep. Happy to give you a lift, if you're so inclined.”
         “That's mighty kind of you. I accept.”
         “Well, let's go then.”
         “Yes Siree, I'm with ya.”

         “Well, here we are in the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina.”
         “Pretty town. I've never been here before. Where are you taking the beer?”
         “To the Spectrum Center for the convention.”
         “Now that is a coincidence.”
         “How's that?”
         “I too am going to the Spectrum Center with a load of Corona for the convention.”
         “Yep. I'm a Superspreader.”

Word Count: 297

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