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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2230258
A scifi-esque musing on 2020...
The creature let loose a wet gurgle, followed quickly by another, a laugh perhaps? He waggeled a finger at the screen glowing infront of him and gurgled again, longer, louder.

The pandemic they had released on the Earth had begun to take hold. The subjects had done well, at first, holding it at bay with isolation and face coverings, but the longer they had been urged to do so the more disgruntled they became. First came anger - the riots, the stabbings, the protests. Then came fun - the parties, the raves, the orgies. Finally came the breeding, not of the humans but of the virus. Millions of tiny particles splitting, multiplying, infecting. Daily the death toll rose, those lucky enough to survive were weakened, not immune, perfectly prepared for the second wave - or the third, if it was necessary.

The creature slammed its slimy fist into the screen, sending a shower of sparks across the room. This experiment had gone on long enough, Earth's colony was a failure, these were not the "ultimate beings" the prophecy had predicted. Oh well, maybe next time.
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