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Inspired by Helaman 5:12
This morning,
the house is quiet. I sip, savoring
half-remembered days of childhood
when I sang to the ceiling,
spinning improvised tunes
until I dropped off into sunny
afternoon sleep.

More often now,
the world’s a whirlwind
whipping mindless detritus
into purposeful, pointed shafts
and hailing violence on my soft center
till I weep from the beating.
I’ve yet to find cover from this storm,

but instead cling to bedrock beneath,
shored against crash after crash
by foundation on which I layer

interludes of silence—
nap-time burbles in crib,
morning meditations in kitchen,

sacred space of sacrament
when time hangs and Christ anchors
my memories eternally in His own.

Inspired by the Come, Follow Me readings for August 17-23
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