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Writer's Cramp - 448 Words
The best thing that happened to me - I failed the first grade. My twin sister got promoted and I repeated my class with Mrs. Brown. I didn't realize at the time that my class would be the Westwood Senior Class of 2021.

My sister bummed out by trying to graduate in 2020. I say trying because Co-ved 19 closed the school in March. No prom, senior trip or graduation. She cried a lot even wore her prom dress around the house. After seeing my sister's year I hoped mine would be better.

In September I started my Senior year at Westwood. The virus was increasing and we had a bunch of rules. Our school board adopted a policy based on numbers - 10 cases per 10,000 residents (city population) we attended classes. What they called "Hybrid Classes" went into effect with 11-49 cases per 10,000. Hybrid meant two days in school, three days online with the school closed on Wednesdays for a wipedown. If we reached 50 cases the school would be closed. While attending we had to wear masks.

I thought positive even with all the restrictions. Bo, my boyfriend a definite positive gave me his class ring. Since I'm a year older he called me his old lady. He mentioned a diamond ring a few times and I believed we would marry.

The week before Christmas break we closed down. Over the intercom we got the announcement to empty our lockers and make preparations to leave. The kids flooded the hall, I knew a shortcut to my locker and took it. I rounded the corner of the furnace room and there was Bo pressed against the wall. He removed his mask and so did the girl pressed against him. Lola Brunner smiled, opened her mouth and Bo kissed her. I couldn't believe what I saw. In horror I backed away and went home.

I cried a lot and ripped Bo's pictures from my bedroom mirror. My face reflected the pain and rejection I felt I blamed myself until I realized that Bo was the problem, not me. I knew I deserved more and a better guy than Bo. During Christmas break I got online and did a search on our community college. I decided to attend after graduation.

After the break the virus numbers came down and continued to drop. With the plasma treatment and vaccine all restrictions were removed. Unlike my sister, I went to my prom, senior trip and graduation.
And that is why I believed failing the first grade was the best thing ever. What a year!

Bo and Lola are quite the item now she wears the ring that I returned.

448 Words

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