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It was a normal day in Jen's house with Jennifer cleaning the kitchen when she notice that one of her cookies that she made the other night has gone missing. she say a trail of crumbs leading from the tray of the table to the grit in the wall now thinking that she may have mice in her home and with no one in house to help find them for her she unhooked the grit of the wall and had a look in the wall when she did this she heard a very tiny scream coming from inside. She remembered that mice can't scream so she got a touch and what she saw made her smile what she saw was a very tiny little girl no more then 2 inches staring right at her and she looked at around 6 or 7 years of age but the look the tiny girl was giving her made her heart break she look terrified shaking like a leaf not wanting to scare her even more she backed up a bit. Then she tried to talk softly to her "hello there little one you don't have to be afraid of me I won't hurt you now why don't come out of there" said Jennifer but it didn't help but made her cry even more feeling really sorry for the tiny girl and worried for her she wanted to she if she'll let her pick her up so she told the tiny girl "Listen sweetheart can I pick you up I'll be very gentle I won't hurt you okay" the girl then lifted her head to look at her and what she saw was not made and scary but caring kind and gentle so the tiny girl gave her a tiny nod to her so Jen very gentle but her hand in and scooped up the tiny very gentle into her hand and bring her out and let the tiny girl sit in the palm of her hand "well hello there so whats your name and where is you mommy and daddy" once she said that the tiny girl started to cry again "all no sweetheart don't cry it's all right" that was when the ting girl said "it's ok just I lost my mommy and daddy just yesterday we where looking for a place to stay just to get out of the storm and that was when we saw this cat coming at us and before we can run it already got my mommy and that was when my daddy told me to run and to run as fast I can and when I looked back I saw that it killed my daddy to found this house and came here and before I knew it I was all alone" once Jennifer let her finish her little story she couldn't not help but cry the poor dear having lost her parents on the same day and staying in a strange huge house on own now she knew how scared she must of been to know that to live in a world where everything is huge and having cats birds and dogs trying to eat you and getting stepped on but people and she to has just lost her mom and plus just divorced from Justin and that is when she had a good idea but first she wanted to know what she is because she has never met anyone you is so small before "so my dear what are you because I have never met anything like you before plus met anyone so small" putting her down on her bed after walking up to her room "I am from a race called the borrowers and you are not supposed to know about me my mommy and daddy always said once spotted by a human being that we must leave that is way I was so scared of you before because I was so hungry and haven't eaten in today's and your cookies just smelled so good I couldn't help my self but once I heard you voice I thought you was made and would hurt me or e...eat me" that was when Jen notice how much she scared this tiny girl earlier "sweeter I will never hurt no matter what and I would never eat you no matter what ok" the tiny girl nodded and start smile really smiled this this made Jennifer happy seeing that she wasn't scared of her anymore this is when would be best to ask her age and ask her the main question and that was when she notice she forgot to ask the girl her name "sweeter I'm so sorry but um whats your name I forgot to ask and how old are you sweetheart" the girl smiled back "it's ok my name is Ella and I'm only 5" that what made Jen go shocked for a minute "your 5 oh my god who sweet to lose what have lost at your age I'm so sorry well I have a question for sweeter but you don't have to if you don't want you see I always wanted a child of my own but never been able to so I was wondering if I can adopt you I know you was very scared of me but I promise I not let anything happen to you and always keep you save from harm and protect you so will you stay with as my daughter Ella" once said it see thought that after what happened downstairs in the kitchen and what she told her earlier having think I was going to eat her she probably wouldn't want to but what court her of guard was her answer was "yes I would love to stay and to have you as my mommy I so happy I'm going to have a mommy again" once said that Jen careful picked her up and gave her the most happiest gentles hug she can give to her new and first daughter and they stayed like that for a while and ever so gentle gave a little kiss on her head "I'm so happy so why don't we get some sleep now I don't have a bed in you size but I will be happy for you to sleep with just for tonight I'll be very gentle and careful and then tomorrow after breakfast we can go shopping and look for you a bed of your own" with Ella gave her a little nod and yawned and started falling asleep on Jen's hands and Jennifer was watching finding ever little yawn super cute so with that she very gentle to wake her she put her on the pillow so she can get ready for bed and once she was she got next to be carefully not to wake her or hurt her and laid next to her on her pillow and covered her ever so gentle with her hand so to keep her warm and they both feel asleep like that in the morning it was Ella you was the first to wake when she looked she noticed a giant hand her and started to panic but then she remembered of the other night that she meet her gentle and friendly plus new mommy giantess Jennifer when she looked she notice just then that she woken up watching "you ok sweeter" said Jen "yes mommy sorry just forgot for a moment about what happened last night then I remembered sorry from worrying you mommy" when Jen notice she started to call mommy she smiled so happy that finally that she is a mom "it's ok sweeter well get use to each other and the different sizes in time it's just in getting use to it now ready for breakfast" with the word breakfast so nodded very happy knowing she hasn't had a good breakfast in a very long time "yes please mommy" Jen laughing a the tiny girls reaction "ok I'll just get dressed and then I'll go down to make breakfast then we will go shopping for clothes a bed and other things that we going to need for you" and with that Jennifer got dressed and ready for the day.

It has been 2 years when we left Jennifer Aniston and Ella and in those 2 years Ella has gotten use to her new mommy and her size being carried ever where in her mommy's pocket going on sets with her when ever she was making a film meeting all her friend like Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Reese Witherspoon now meeting them all was more the terrifying for me but mommy always told me that they wouldn't hurt me and they where all really nice and she was right when I first meet Courteney and Lisa they where both super nice Lisa picked me up and keep on hugging my very carefully and so did Courteney very shocked at first when Reese came it was about work at first but then mommy asked if I wanted to meet her at first I scared and said no but mommy said she was really nice and she be more in shocked then anything and so I said yes so mommy first told Reese about me and with me being her daughter at first she didn't believe mommy but when she tuck me out of pocket very gentle and once Reese saw she was shocked and fainted on floor with scare both me and mommy so mommy got her some water when she came to she ask a lot of questions which I answered and mommy answered some but she was super sweet and making sure that I was ok when they went back about talking about work now as for the boys once they saw me try both came at the same time and trust me they where shocked but all of them couldn't stop watching and making saw I was with someone where ever I went they where just like the girls and mommy super protective now as for Jennifer she had to get us in having not just a tiny 2 inch girl living with her but getting us to having a daughter and for the first two weeks she made sure that she whats her step and tried to carrier Ella ever where she went when she went to the kitchen to the shops in the garden went to work and even when she went to her other rooms at that lot she was super protective of her and if anything when to go and harm her she would step in make sure she was alright and everything but after the first year and first two weeks she was fine with her and happy to have a daughter at last and now she wouldn't change anything about it and they have lived happily for a full 2 years soon leading to 3 and if anyone want to know what she is doing for schools she homeschooling her she maybe alright with going around the house on her now but going out in public and schools with all those bullies is another.

so this the end of are story for now hope you like bye (Jennifer and Ella sitting on Jen's shoulder)
please keep me a secret from some people mommy only showed me to people she trusted we don't trust a lot of other yet so please keep a secret or we will found who you are and hurt you down and take you memory of away from you enjoy
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