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by Norman
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We couldn't find it anywhere
My mom and I looked everywhere.
We searched around the clock.
We could not find it anywhere.
Where was my missing sock?

I know we put it in the wash.
My mom is really sure.
We checked the laundry once again.
Then looked around some more.

Socks can’t stand up and walk away
unless they’ve learned that trick,
but maybe it was hiding out
pretending to be sick.

I had to think just like a sock.
Where would I want to go?
I guess I could walk out the door
or sneak out a window.

So off I went in search of it.
I traveled ‘round the block.
I hopped on one foot all the way
without my missing sock.

I spent at least two hours there.
I’d looked both high and low.
But I did not give up the search.
Where did that lost sock go?

I’ve heard this happens all the time.
Some socks pack up and leave.
And their poor mate is left behind
to wonder and to grieve.

It is a sad world; that I know.
You have to wonder why.
Why socks would just go wander off
and never say goodbye.

Now I was left here with one sock
and also with this plight.
Those socks all look the same to me.
Is this sock left or right?

The next day came in bright and clear
and I crawled out of bed.
A thought came to me in the night,
a whisper in my head.

That sock could not get very far.
It had to be somewhere.
‘Cause everything must have a place;
it couldn’t disappear.

We found it in the garbage pail.
Now how did it get there?
Did someone help that sock along?
It wasn’t very clear.

There was a big hole in the toe.
So that explains a lot.
I couldn’t wear it anymore.
At least, I’d rather not.

So maybe it was too ashamed
and slipped in there to hide.
A sock must have some dignity,
some simple sense of pride.

And so it crawled off by itself
and disappeared from sight.
But I’m still stuck without a clue,
was that sock left or right?

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