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by lutz
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Description of preexisting material
About Peter China
First draft

The Promo

Peter China is the story of a space transport chief that encounters an advanced civilization that requests an exchange of representatives and information. Our antihero does this with the help of the corporate state and the traditional church. We meet dangerous aliens, sensual people, and giant monsters. Please join along with this trip across the galactic sector for fun, excitement, and suspense.


The Prologue 0321

The Beginning 0521

Mission One 0623

The Return

Mission Two

Return Again

Mission Three

The End


The Histories

Peter China

Eletron security

Sekon Salan

The Chaplain

Cullen's journey

A Rebirthday

Washington's mind


Contact, Armstrong, Intrepid, Beijing

Erastus III, Will, Ix, Amtex, Watch, Helen Aims

Seko, Ben, Socorro, Doc

Ezra Stein

National Union, Space Force, salvation

Tokun, Wal

New Planet, Trull

Earth Station, 1st duplicate


Diameter 12000 km Mass.9E Rotation.91E. Revolution.82 year
Temperature 15 degrees C. Distance 140000000 km planet from star
Surface area 499000000 sq km. 445M water. 54M land. 25M ice.
Depth 10902m. Altitude 8894m Density 5.55 H2O. Tilt 16 degrees
Gravity .93E escape velocity 10.76 km/sec Atmosphere 78% N percent 20% O

Planet: third=4-1 binary

Star: G1IV x=9.978 kpc y=00 degrees 6'2". z=208 degrees 20'50"

Age: 5123000000 years

Civilization type: 1.2K
Society code: 3F5 Peace Seekers
First contact: 161174.1650-21
First response: 060288.5000-21
Biology: C, N, O, S, H2O, S-gene.
Mobile photosynthetic autotroph
Genetic prothesis
Polytaxic, polychromatic, omnisexual
Cetaceal cephalod
Genomes: 5 Billions
Technology: Exponential, interplanetary
Culture: Global, decentralized
Prepartum/ Postpartum: 33(29)
Individual/ communal: 50(17)
Artistic/scientific: 40(15)
Probability of survival per century: 60%

The associated fiction will be appropriate for very tolerant adult readers only. Language will be too vulgar for children and genteel adults. Racist, sexist, fundimentalist and classist behavior will be discribed. Cursing, violence, and interspecies perversion will be present. This will be avoided in this nonfiction. Please exercise caution. Note to parents: big kids may get it; little kids will not. Read and let me know. Apologies to the many who may be offended and adjustments can be made in the future edits.

Character profiles (by security identification)

Peter China

The problem with Pete is he stands a man on the edge of middle age who realizes that his life has been little more than expanding the gene pool. Thrust into the limelight of man's progress he becomes aware that he is overwhelmed and he knows he is an accident. Confused by destiny or mistake he suspects his life will change forever.

Color: Eyes brown, Skin light, Hair brown
Height: 1.72 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Birthdate: 010660.00013-22
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Education: GED
Public service: none
Experience: Cohong shun tian, Dallas County Detention, Amtex

Wilhelm Strasse

The problem with Will is that although at his peak of existence he is not happy. His purpose is undefined and he is buried in his mortality crisis. He knows what he has done so far is not good but he does not know if he can change. The sense of commitment is strong in him but his direction is inadequate. He needs more than he has found in life.

Color: Eyes blue, Skin light, Hair blond
Height: 1.84 meters
Weight: 85 kilograms
Birthdate: 120868.02000-22
Birthplace: Furth
Education: Gymnasium graduate
Public service: Stuttgart food bank
Experience: Space Force, Amtex

Lucas Lamour

The problem with Doc is obesity. He is a happy family man otherwise. He is not obsessed with ambition yet still seeks adventure. His engineering skills are nearly as good as his medical training. Erastus is his greatest material interest and he sees himself as the ship's sage. He assumes all authority others refuse.

Color: Eyes hazel, Skin light, Hair brown
Height: 1.69 meters
Weight: 130 kilograms
Birthdate: 190556.05104-22
Birthplace: Detroit
Education: licensed physicians assistant MCG
Public service: Savannah United Ministry
Experience: U. S. Navy, Amtex

Helen Aims

The problem with the boss is she is greedy. Her obsession with wealth has her chasing power but not such that she's very bigoted against other beings. Riches include for her historic scientific achievement. Fame and fortune are not enough.

Color: Eyes amber, Skin light, Hair greying
Height: 1.64 meters
Weight: 102 kilograms
Birthdate: 301054.09000-22
Birthplace: Fort Worth
Education: MIE Texas Tech
Public service: Conpac, ACU
Experience: Amtex

John Washington

The problem with John is he knows a political space holder. This does not bother him because he feels he does this for both church and state. His sense of duty is such that he will serve them both more than they need serve him.

Color: Eyes black, Skin dark, Hair grey
Height: 1.92 meters
Weight: 99 kilograms
Birthdate: 070448.02001-22
Birthplace: Jackson
Education: MPA Navy
Public service: Southern Baptist Mission, PATH
Experience: USMC, NU/UIA

Socorro Trujillo

The problem with Jon's assistant is youth. She is overwhelmed by her rapid ascent through the ranks while others are astonished. Her talent is so promising that Jon sees her as his protege because she is the best new agent at UIA.

Color: Eyes brown, Skin medium, Hair brown
Height: 1.59 meters
Weight: 52 kilograms
Birthdate: 260173.06421-22
Birthplace: Mexico City
Education: MS UNAM
Public service: Saint James Network
Experience: NUP, UIA

Daniel O'Connor

The problem with the bishop is he is an old man dealing with a group atheists who are supposed to help evangelize an alien world. As the lone representative of Christianity Dan will be recruiting from unknown ranks for assistance with his mission. He will not be able to do this unimpeded.

Color: Eyes green, Skin light, Hair grey
Height: 1.74 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Birthdate: 150232.8800-22
Birthplace: Dublin
Education: MS PHD Trinity
Public service: Rome required Irish delegation
Experience: Vatican, NU Navy

Letter on the second draft
To: the fans and the media
Subject: the summary

1. Prologue
The Histories are to bring you from the near present to the time of the story. The sections are date coded for more information.
The first section is electronic contact. Seko is found and we discover we share the galaxy with another civilization.
The second section is the tale of the Armstrong. She gets to Seko but is not welcome. Along the way she finds Trull and is destroyed.
The third section is the journey of the Intrepid. She finds the Armstrong and avenges her.
The fourth section starts the story of the Beijing. She encounters a galactic superpower and is presumed lost.

2. The Beginning
Our antihero Peter China while on board Erastus robs a space ship cargo and takes an artificial biological life form. He and his crew bring back the android to corporate headquarters.
Helen Aims, Amtex CEO, orders Pete to Seko. He does not like it but will go anyway. Helen gives Pete a watch.

3. Mission one
The artificial wakes up on the way to Seko much to Pete's disappointment. Will (the spaceman) and Doc (the corpman) assist with the artificial's reactivation. Doc discovers Watch's ability and links it to Erastus for an explanation.
Washington and Trujillo track Erastus seeking intelligence for the National Union. They represent the people through UIA.
Erastus reaches Seko six months later. The crew meet sekons on board a space station and take Ben the lander to the planet's surface. The sekons give the crew the guided tour. The crew find that the sekons are an ancient people that are sexually obsessed because they are reproductively challenged. They are not a material species and decline a fortune for trade rights in exchange for a priest who will be paid for by the defense information device known as the Eletron Security System.

4. The Return
The crew starts for home with a sekon named Salan who has the ESS. Along the way the ship stalls and is repaired in a mysterious fashion. Erastus is impounded after getting back to Earth's space. The artificial now called Ix is biopsied and then has a seizure while on Earth's space station. Amtex' furious lawyer Stein get's the crew released. Pete leaves for Earth.
Back at HQ Helen is in discussion with Pete about the new planet that has been discovered. Salan has already activated the ESS.

5. Mission Two
The National Union examines the Erastus before she leaves for Seko again with Bishop Daniel O'Connor on board this time. Will has a flashback to his boot camp days with the Space Force that is interrupted by the cleric. They work out in the artificial gravity chamber and talk. Will then consults Doc about his conversation with Dan.
The crew meets at mealtime and an argument breaks out between Dan and Pete over the meaning of the mission. During the emotional upheaval Will has a salvation experience.
Erastus arrives ahead of schedule at Seko. Religious activities have already begun. Pete is taken to an archaeological dig and shown a mysterious device by Tokun the mayor of Gateto the city at which they arrived. Pete tells her of the new planet.
O'Connor begins work with fervor. Mass is held four times daily until a monster disruption. The deadly event does not stop activities for long.
Meanwhile, back on Earth, a nanite infection is found on the space station. The station physician and engineer are working on the cure and the solution. Socorro investigates.

6. Return Again
Tokun sends Cullen with the crew back to Earth while in possession of a drug called Wal. Doc experiments with the drug and testing proceeds satisfactorily.

7. Mission Three
The crew receives a message while still in solar space. Pete is a wanted man again and the rest of the known galaxy is not doing very well either. Pete is outraged and falls into panic. Fleeing to his quarters cursing wildly he enters an altered state then recovers and returns to duty.
Erastus goes to New Planet. Will has another flashback while preparing for the landing. The crew meets a Starship when they arrive and flee when they are about to be boarded. Trull troops are engaged upon landing holding Trujillo as a spy. A firefight ensues and casualties include a fatality. The crew frees Trujillo and escapes only to be forced to surrender to the Navy. Trujillo orders the Navy to stand down and arrests her liberators. She agrees with the captain to return Erastus to Earth custody.

8. The End
Erastus ultimately is released and goes back to Seko. Will pursues the priesthood. Pete and the sekons plan a future trip. Erastus goes home.
Back on Earth station Watch has been upgraded by ESS is connected to the UIA Washington robot. Pete is released. Washington himself contemplates the galactic sector and wonders about the Beijing.
The Beijing returns in the epilogue.

National Union equals All Earth nations with space programs

Interplanetary Union equals Mars, Moon, asteroids and the space stations and above

Federal Polyocracy equals Seko, Trull camp, New Planet science stations and above

All persons, situations and storylines are purely coincidental in that these and their related works are fiction.

Limited rights available. All rights reserved.

1976_1995_2011_Concept_Hand draft_ W.c presence
2006_M S.c plan

Happy Memorial day. Think Washington.

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