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A young Lawyer with his past mysteries helps dead people.
Chapter 1.
'Thatch' sudddenly a door clacked open. Outside the door was written J.D. Raaz Melon Pent House; a profound lawyer in the world where law is a must. 'May I come in Mr. Lawyer', a cold deep voice.
'Yes, Please. How can I help you?' said Mr. Melon; a young fair and tall gentleman.
'I am grateful for your help for me to receive salvation, JD' coldly in a dark place.
'Ah, you are welcome for that and that's my job somehow.'
Then the lady came towards light and flew into airs. 'Oh, so 99 cases solved.' He wrote in his diary. 'It feels so happy, giving people justice for their mysterious death. My world has really been better recently'.
Later sometime, he went out at the balcony and stared at the sky without emotions. ' Mom, Hope I have fulfilled your dream.' Suddenly a spark came into his face and a beautiful past memory.
* ' Hehe, mom don't tickle me, it's funny, hehe.'young Mr. Melon cried.
' So my baby has been that big to be a scientist right?, But I want my baby to be a Lawyer and give justice to stray souls like me, not like your dad; a boring person who never gives time to his family.' *
"Knock, knock may I come in idiot man." shouted a young fair lady with a medium height, blonde hair and a beautiful pair of brown eyes.
Suddenly, Mr. Melon woked up from his past memory . 'Oh, Seyra, you came' he moved forward to the door.' Please come in my lady, I was thinking of you.'
'Really?' in an excited voice.
' Why are you here, may I know the purpose or are you still woofing around?' in a boring voice.
' Aggh, it's been twelve years since we know each other. At least talk to me nicely, just a few words.' she said hopefully.
' Ok, but what's your purpose?' in a serious manner.
Her brightness fade away as he told that, 'Oh, I am getting married next month.' in a gloomy voice.
'That's great, finally you got someone you could rely on.' in a cheering voice.
'Yeah and he is even better than you.' pretending to be happy.
'Oho but I guess he will throw away you outside silly cat if you act like this with him too.' not accepting what she said.
' No he is waayyy better than you, here take this card.' giving him a wedding invitation card.
' Thank you but I might not be able to come but I will try.' in a flirtious manner.
'You, I said you have to come to share happiness with me.' in a loud voice.
'Yeah, yeah go then. Ms. Seyra Macias orelse everyone will think we have something between us that you are coming at late night to me.'
' I just live downstairs, we are neighbours too and even if someone thinks, I don't care. But you have to come' in a pissed off manner.
' Ok, your majesty, please go sleep and let me as well.' pushing her out.' Ah, finally, she is so troublesome, hope she gets a better future.' seems he is serious. ' I will just sleep now, I guess.' yawning loudly.
'My dear bed, here I come.' falling into the bed.
'Mom, please don't leave me, I beg you' young JD cried bitterly. ' Mama, waaahh'
'I am sorry my child, I have to go for justice for your father, I don't have any meaning to life now.' in a dead deep voice.
'Mom, please NOOO'
"Haaah" abruptly woked up and putting his hand on his forehead.

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