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This essay gives insight on the pivotal role played by women in early Christianity
         WOMENS          ROLE IN CHRISTIANITY           4


Women's role in Christianity



Women's role in Christianity

          Women's status in Christianity has completely been revised unlike the past years. Women annalists went in the field in large numbers whereby they had a variety of questions in addition to that they came up with new methods. Some of the famous women like Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of Jesus, Martha, and Mary offered Jesus Christ hospitality in Bethany. This paper will examine the role of women in Christianity and how it impacts their role today.
          Indubitably, the New Testament Gospels recognize women as followers of Christ and as well as martyrs. Jewish women such as Susanna, Mary Magdalene accompanied Jesus Christ during his ministries, a certain Gentile Lady gave a lesson to Jesus that the ministry of God is not limited to any groups and persons, but belongs to all who have faith; (Mark 7:24-30). A woman went to Jesus with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume and poured it on his feet (Luke 7:38). During the arrest of Jesus Christ, the women did not change their faith unlike men who betrayed him, they accompanied him to the cross. When Jesus was resurrecting, Mary Magdalene was the first to see it.
Women did not cease to be the largest strongholds in Christianity even after Jesus died; in fact, they were the majority. Regardless of having no churches during the ancient days, women met in homes or under trees where they worshipped. Women also take leadership roles in churches (Eteng, 2019). Most of the women were highly committed to Christianity and this attracted more of them into joining them. On the other hand, men continued losing their faith in Christianity hence becoming pagans. The women's spiritual zeal led to the creation of social services such as Fabiola who was the founder of the Christian hospital in Europe, others helped the poor to an extent where their families started complaining, and an example is Mother Teresa. Thecla is also an example of a woman who endured a lot of suffering for the sake of Christ (Herrin, 2016).


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