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I have Dystonia, a neurologic disorder, that causes constant muscle contractions.
In Need of Brain Repair

Taking my cervical dystonia’a temp,
A real challenge, my husband accepts.
One kiss alone is a strategic step.
Go in fast, make a tender catch.

My head is a broken doll.
A Barbie with a ruptured band.
At times, like a heavy bowling ball.
Moving forward, always fearing a fall.

A disorder affecting balance.
Conflict of sensible motion,
similar to crossing a rough ocean.
Clumsy, pulling, pain; causing commotion.

Leaving me exhausted at days end.
Trying to fight with this horrific distraction.
A brain dysfunction I can’t mend.
Cornucopia of treatments; helpful friends recommend.

I am determined to live a good life.
Continue as a nurse, friend, mother and wife.
It takes science, faith, courage and love.
A cure, desperate yearning, we all dream of.

By Kathie Stehr
August 26, 2020
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