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Ruby and Gramma Pearl have their daily talk.

Ruby came to her grandmother’s bedroom door and raised her hand to knock. She heard talking, which made her smile to herself. Waiting a heartbeat, she tapped.

“Come in, Ruby!” her Gramma Pearl said cheerfully.

The teen entered and went straight to kiss her grandmother’s powdery cheek. After she did, she took a seat on the footstool and said:

“Who were you talking to?”

Gramma Pearl got a twinkle in her eyes as she answered.

“Myself, it’s an old lady thing.”

“Do you always answer yourself,” her granddaughter teased.

“Only when I need expert advice,” was the reply.

They both laughed, then Ruby began to talk about her day. As usual, her beloved grandmother listened, asked questions occasionally and gave advice, if asked. All that was why this was Ruby’s favorite part of her day.

When she had finished, Ruby cuddled into her grandmother’s lap and listened to stories of what life was like as a teenager when her Gramma Pearl was one. Finally, Ruby could see her Gramma Pearl was tiring. So she kissed her and gave her a hug.

After she had left, Pearl sighed.

“You see George! I told you she’s a perfect grandchild. She would have loved you and you her, I know it!” she said aloud.

“Yes, that’s true. I’ve loved her since the day I held her just before she was born. But now it’s time, Pearly. I’ve come to bring you home,” a beloved deep voice told her softly.

“Do I have to? I wanted to see Ruby married and hold at least one great-grandchild!”

“I wish it could be like you want, my love. But your time on this earth is done,” continued the voice.

She felt a hand take hers and breathed a final sigh.

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