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Door to door work in a pandemic can you say a very bad idea.
Never ever again
So you think you want to work during a pandemic.
Never ever again.
So you take a door to door job during a pandemic.
Never ever again.
You go from door to door bothering people during a pandemic.
Never ever again.
You have to do your job if they even answer the door of course
Never take a job where you feel like you can't just quit.
Even if they don't answer everyone must be counted so you have to figure something out.
You still have to worry about unfriendly people and dogs.
Never ever again.
You still have to worry about unsafe communities and or dilapidated homes.
Never ever again.
You also have to worry about getting sick because it's a pandemic.
I plan on never doing this again if God will just see me through this.
Most don't have on a mask and won't put one on thank you very much.
Never ever again.
I want to be fired so bad but I signed a contract yes I did.
Never do I want to be put in a position where I can't walk away.
I have to honor my contract yes I do.
Never ever again.
Praying I will get fired or God will help see me through and make the days go by faster.
It's seasonal work only Thank YOU JESUS!
Never ever again, HOPEFULLY, I shall never have to do this work again with the Lord's help.!

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