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Journalism Is Dead
As a typical outside observer who gets their usual info from the same old reliable sources you would pretty much accept that as being true. But you, of course, being smart, do your due diligence and check a couple other reportedly trustworthy news posts and now you feel satisfied. Why not? Everybody seems to agree. It feels good knowing you're as well informed as anyone else.

Unfortunately, these days unless you actually dig down and triple-cross-reference your information you are likely to get the same old echo chamber as everyone.

It seems odd to me that more and more the mainstream media and journalism itself has become more about sensationalism and ratings. Fear-mongering identity politics solely for the purpose of ratings, as it turns out equals big money.

Lies, misinformation and even worse than that, disinformation are all the calling card of the radical left. The sad part is that they too have long since been corrupted and have been manipulated themselves to the point they couldn't care less. Pelosi is senile, Schumer is a pathological liar and Biden's mind is slipping more by the day.

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