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film set laughs.

Hijinks on Set

The encounter happened on the African grassland. Figured I was versed in all there was to felines. Kitty had other ideas.

Cast and crew toiled much of the day filming action scenes. A big time actor I am. I acted dodging cars, climbing walls, fighting bad guys, mustn't leave out obligatory running for dear life to avoid the fire. Fire burned my clothing but rescue crews put it out.

Paul my agent quipped, 'At least investors will get a return on investment since you're still alive.'

How considerate, I thought - sarcasm.

Other scenes require us to depart the city in favor of grassland. The drive long but seeing animals along the way eased the boredom. By afternoon we arrived. Later a truck arrived on set bringing two cats, stars of the film. None more than me of course.

'Whose the babe with them?' asked I.

Paul, 'That woman is their trainer. Don't forget to share your attraction with the kitties too.'

The scene would require I rescue one of the cats. Before filming I chatted with her, the showoff in me. When she went someplace, a brave actor I am, members of cast and crew were told I'd fool around with...err, play with one of the cats, a baby lion. I moved towards it tied to a tree.

The trainer was coming back and this heightened the excitement. The little thing was picked up by me and said oddly aloud so she could hear, 'How cute and lovable he is.'

Her face doused in fear. Here comes the climax. Out the bushes came a huge lion. After me! Faster than you can say monkey I dropped kitten and scrambled up a tree. The beast was then restrained by the trainer, acknowledging its relationship by permitting itself to be stroked.

She explained later she'd checked on the big lion, kitten's mom. Not where she left it the trainer guessed it'd be looking for her baby.

Paul had one last quip, 'At least kitten wasn't harmed, tangling with lions is part of your contract.'

That was a frightening encounter wasn't it?

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