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Knitting Lesson Daily Flash Fiction 8/27/20 W/C 294

Take the yarn and make a magic loop. Cast on ten stitches using the backward loop method. Then purl each stitch for five rows. At the end of the five rows, start the seed stitch for twenty rows. After that you will do the i-cord stitch. I-cord stands for idiot cord. After you do i-cord for ten inches, then you bind-off each stitch. Cut yarn and pull through. Work yarn back into the i-cord.

Hubby came into my craft room where I had been ensconced for about two hours.

“What are you doing in here? I thought you died or something.”

“Oh, hey. Well, I followed a new pattern. I’m trying to make this. Look!” I held up a long skinny piece of green wool. It looked vaguely like a snake. “I did it!”

“What did you do?”

Knitting needles lay in my lap. The scissors were on the side table, next to my favorite chair. Instructions were on the computer screen in front of me. My glasses were on my head. The cat was playing with a ball of yarn at my feet. Our dog sat across the room, skeptical of the goings on.

“I made an i-cord.” The long skinny piece of yarn didn’t reflect the amount of angst I felt doing the pattern or the joy I felt as it came together. “The term stands for idiot cord. You see, instead of turning the yarn at the end, you just push it back to the beginning and go back and forth and it makes a tube.”

He was not impressed. “Huh. When’s dinner?”

I wondered if the i-cord would be strong enough to strangle someone. It would kinda match the shirt he was wearing.

W/C 294

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