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Bess and Lou are vacationing in the mountains.
Lookee Lou

Bess loved going to the Rockies for the summer. She and Lou her husband, had a cabin there. It was inherited through her family, although they had improved it considerably over the years.

“Never thought we’d ever have indoor plumbing, but this new toilet that burns the waste is wonderful,” she told herself as she tidied up after Lou.

When Bess came out with an armload of towels, discarded socks and underwear, she saw Lou was sitting in his usual spot. From the very beginning of their time here, he’d set an old armchair right in front of the main window. He’d put a standing lamp on one side and a small table for beer or coffee on the other.

When she saw that Lou had his binoculars to his eyes, Bess sighed. It was getting dark, but her husband had gotten infra-red night vision ones last Christmas. He seemed to be staring at the edge of the trees, just outside the clearing that held the cabin.

“What are you looking at?”

Not looking away, he said:

“There’s something out there!”

“Of course there is, we’re in the middle of the woods!” Bess replied acerbically.

“It’s not the usual critters and creatures,” Lou insisted.

He was at it again! Since he had retired, Lou had become obsessed with aliens and mysterious creatures. He watched ‘Ancient Aliens’ religiously.

“Well, what do you think it is?” Bess asked tongue in cheek.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s…” he trailed off.

Out of the near darkness, a hairy creature lunged at the window and pressed its face against it, mouth open and teeth bared.

“Sasquatch!” Bess shrieked and fainted.

When she came to, Lou had resumed his seat, his loaded shotgun across his knees.

“You really scared him, Bess!”

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