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Lucy walks lost in the forest, hungry and alone.
Lucy walked aimlessly in the woods. It was dark. She could hear a wolf howling in the distance.
She was starving, her insides screaming for sustenance.
She couldn't run anymore. She knelt to the ground and buried her face into her knees.

She cried out all her pent-up feelings and whispered her worried thoughts out into the quiet night, "What if I will never be found? What if I die out here? I never should have run from home. It was such a stupid fight, that boy doesn't matter." She looked up to the starry sky and yelled, "I'm sorry, Dad! I'm sorry!" She sniffled and whispered into her knees, "please find me. I'm so hungry. When I pass out you can carry me back home like you did when I fell asleep in the car, when I was little, when we were happy."

She looked up from her knees, her stomach still aching.
She was about to get up from her spot when she saw them, berries, beautiful, red, juicy, sweet berries.
All her thoughts were focused on the little red dots in the bush next to her and the yelling of her stomach that she ignored the protests of her mind.
She shoved the berries into her mouth, one right after the other.
The acid taste touched her tongue but she didn't care. She ate the berries.

If only they weren't poisonous, nonetheless, her Dad carried her body back home, just not in the way she'd hoped.
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