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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Young Adult · #2230700
Rachel wakes up in a strange place after she dies. Only to see the woman she hates most.
Warning: This story contains foot fetish material. If you're not into feet then please click off. :)

Tara had been gone for years at this point and Rachel was having the time of her life. She no longer had to deal with the woman she hated the most, and would never have to again! Rachel was looked down upon though for what she said about Tara after her death. Calling her a "bitch" and a "dumb whore" while others called her a hero and praised her. Rachel went as far as to getting into arguements she knew she couldn't win just to badmouth Tara and to spit on her grave. She had no reason to hate Tara she just did. Ever since they found her on the beach years ago Rachel had found every reason she could to be rude to Tara. Eventually some people got tired of Rachel badmouthing the dead woman and someone decided to do something about it. The person snuck up on Rachel while she was tending to the fishing nets and aimed their gun at her.

Rachel heard the gun cock and turned around with her hands up. "W-what are you doing? Put the gun down!" Rachel begged. "I've had it! I'm done with your bitching about Tara! She was a hero! What are you? Pathetic. Thats what! So pathetic that you have to badmouth a dead girl who can't defend herself!" The person said walking closer. "Please! I'm sorry I won't do it again. Please put the gun away!" Rachel begged sounding completely desperate. The person put the gun to her head. "You're right. You won't be doing it again." The person said pulling the trigger.

Rachel suddenly woke up on the floor of a nicely furnished house. She had sweat running down her forehead as she looked around in fear. "H-hello?" Rachel slowly got up and started walking around the house. This place was nicer than any other house she had seen. Much nicer than the houses at Alexandria. It was also huge! Most of the rooms were wide open. It defied logic. She eventually got all the way around the house before making it back to the living room. Her mouth dropped open in shock. "Miss me?" a voice said coming from across the room. "N-no this can't be. You're dead! This is a dream. I'm dreaming! I have to be!" Rachel said slapping herself trying to wake herself up. Unfortunately for her nothing happened. This was real. She was here. "Welcome to your new personal hell." Tara said excitedly.


"H-hell? Does that mean I'm.... d-dead?" Rachel asked as she looked at Tara in horror. "That's right! Doomed to spend the rest of eternity with me. You're mine now Rachel... Forever." Tara laughed maniacally. "F-forever. No... no no no!!" Rachel said getting to her feet and started running for the door. Tara snaps and all the doors leading out of the living room suddenly slammed shut. "You won't be escaping anytime soon. We are going to have lots of fun." Tara laughed snapping again. Rachel was suddenly teleported and was on her knees in front of Tara. "I have all the control here. I can do anything I want." Tara laughed flicking Rachel on the forehead. "I hope you're ready because we have an eternity of fun to have Rachel." Tara laughed again as she sat her shoe'd feet on Rachel's shoulders. Rachel tried to move but found that she was stuck in place. "I see you've noticed one of my powers. Like I said you're mine. Now if you want me to be nice. Why don't you kiss my sneakers." Tara said moving her sneaker in front of Rachels lips. "Fuck you!" Rachel spit up at Tara but her spit stopped in mid air and came back to hit Rachel in the face. "Nice try." Tara started laughing harder.

"I'll never kiss your shoes!" Rachel yelled turning her head away and wiping her own spit from her face. "Oh? I wasn't aware you had a choice." Tara snapped her fingers and Rachel suddenly turned her head towards Tara's shoe and started making out with Tara's shoe. When Rachel gained control of her body again she started gagging and spitting out dirt out of her mouth. "Well since you didn't kiss them willingly, I guess I'm going to have to be mean." Tara started untying her sneakers. "You're in for a treat!" Tara smiled looking into Rachel's eyes. "Tara, no! I-i'm sorry for everything I've said or done to you. Please!" Rachel said looking at Tara terrified. "I looked into your memories and found something interesting. You hate feet. Like you REALLY hate feet. Let's get rid of that fear shall we?" Tara slipped off her first shoe causing her foot stench to fill the room in seconds. Rachel reached for her nose to try and block the smell. "How long ago did I die? 2 years? 3? Well however long ago it was is how long I've been wearing these socks!" Tara smiled wiggling her socked toes. Moving them closer to Rachel's face. "No! Please!" Rachel begged watching the foot get closer. She had no control over her body except for her head and arms. She was stuck due to whatever power Tara has.

"The best part about this place is I have full control over everything and everyone in it!" Tara told Rachel. "I can do anything I want!" Tara said as rope suddenly appeared and Rachel's hands were forced behind her back. The rope tied itself around her hands keeping them behind Rachel's back. "H-how the fuck?" Rachel looked baffled and confused as to what had just happened. "Like I said. This is my world. Your just a prisoner in it." Tara made some tape appear and apply itself over Rachel's mouth as she slowly started to move her socked foot towards Rachel's face. Laughing at her struggles as her foot got closer and closer. To Rachel this whole experience was taking forever. It felt like it took years for the foot to finally get close to her face. Gagging on the stench Rachel yells into the tape as she struggles to try and move away from Tara's sweaty sock coming towards her face. Tara's foot finally made touchdown on Rachel's face. Tara cupped her socked toes over Rachel's nose forcing her to take in her stench in full. Rachel tried to hold her breath but felt a kick right into her stomach, knocking the air out of her. Rachel was forced to take a deep breath of Tara's toes instantly gagging loudly in revulsion.

"Unless you want that to happen again. I suggest you start obeying." Tara pressed her socked toes harder into Rachel's face. Rachel screamed into the tape covering her mouth as she begged Tara with her eyes to stop. Tara responded by pulling off her other sneaker doubling the stench in the room as Rachel screamed in disgust. Rachel's nostrils were in hell. "Here comes the other one! Hope you're ready!" Tara said shoving her other foot into Rachel's poor defenseless face. Rachel started crying because of the stench and humiliation. The smell was inhuman, Rachel wasn't sure how she was still conscious. It must have been something to do with Tara's new godlike powers. Rachel sniffed Tara's toes for a total of 45 minutes struggling and crying the whole time until Tara seemed she was getting fed up with her behavior. Tara kicked Rachel in the head. "Stop struggling! You can't get away! I'm asking you to do it willingly before I make you stop!" Tara threatened. Rachel instantly stopped struggling not wanting to find out what else Tara could do. "Who knows... I may make it worse just because I want too." Tara laughed. Rachel screamed into the tape begging her not to.

"You better start sniffing deeply all over my socks!" Tara demanded rubbing her socks all over Rachel's face. Rachel complied and started sniffing the socks as they rubbed over her face. Smearing sweat and dirt and whatever other foot gunk that was on her socked soles all over her. Even getting some into her hair. "You're gonna smell exactly like my gross ass feet!" Tara laughed as she pressed her feet harder into Rachel's face. "How about we move onto something else?" Tara said as she slowly started peeling off her socks revealing her dirty soles. There was more toe jam than Rachel had ever seen in her life, having some pretty nasty feet herself. There was also loads of sock lint stuck to her soles with sweat slowly dripping down them. Tara snapped her fingers causing the tape to disappear from Rachel's mouth. "You're gonna lick my dirty soles completely clean." Tara said smiling wiggling her grimy toes in Rachel's face. "N-no! Tara please! Stop! You've had your fun!" Rachel begged trying to get some fresh air that wasn't completely tainted by Tara's foot stench. Tara wasted no time in using her powers to force Rachel's tongue out of her mouth. Slowly bringing her disgusting bare foot towards Rachel's tongue. Rachel tried to pull her head away but found it was stuck in place with her tongue out. "No! Please!" Rachel begged.

Tara touched her sole to Rachel's tongue and watched happily as a disgusted look came over Rachel's face. Tears started streaming down her face as she was forced to lick up Tara's sole. Collecting dirt, sock lint, and sweat as she licked. Gagging and crying as she licked. "That's right. Up and down darling. Clean those feet. Once they're clean you can take a break." Tara told Rachel stopping her use of powers to let Rachel do it willingly. As control came back to Rachel's body she started licking up and down the soles in front of her desperate to get that break Tara mentioned. Tara just sat back with her hands behind her head and sighed in relaxation. Tara was in pure bliss feeling Rachel's tongue rub all over her soles and hearing her scared whimpers. It made Tara feel so powerful, much more so than when she was alive. Rachel continued to lick Tara's feet until she cleaned all the sweat off. Until she remembered Tara's toes. "You better get cleaning those toes Rachel, unless you want me to make you." Tara threatened. "Tara. That's absolutely disgusting. There's so much toe jam!" Rachel begged crying. "I know so much yummy toe jam for you too eat. You should get used to it. It's the only food you're ever going to get from now on." Tara smiled deviously as she wiggled her toes. "Get licking!" Tara demanded tapping her toes on Rachel's lips. Rachel hesitated for a moment before finally opening her mouth. Which Tara took advantage of shoving all of her toes into Rachel's mouth causing her to gag. "Suck them!" Tara yelled rubbing her toes on Rachel's tongue.

Rachel started sucking on Tara's toes like they were lollipops. Licking in between and gagging on the toe jam. She forced herself to eat it, unsure of what Tara would do if she spit it out. The toe jam was disgusting, but Rachel at it all. After she thoroughly licked between all of Tara's toes she started using her teeth to scrape dirt off of her toes. Licking and sucking them more. This was all against Rachel's will in actuality because Tara was controlling her body once again. Loving the treatment she was forcing Rachel to give her. Rachel on the other hand thought her taste buds were burning off and her mind was melting from the smell. She frequently caught herself wondering how Tara's feet could be so sweaty and smell so bad. The smell was inhuman. "Time for the other foot slave." Tara said pulling her foot from Rachel's mouth. Rachel still had no control over her body as she opened her mouth to Tara's other foot and started licking them like a dog. Trying to scream out but was unable. After all, it was Tara who was controlling her actions at the moment. Rachel gave the same treatment to Tara's other foot that she gave to her first foot. After another few hours of licking and scraping the dirt off her toes again Tara finally spoke. "I guess you earned your break." Tara snapped and suddenly her feet went back to how they looked before Rachel licked them. All the toe jam reappeared. Rachel was also completely tied up. "You get a break from licking!" Tara laughed as she rested both her dirty sweaty feet on Rachel's face. Rachel had no clue what just happened. All the dirt and grime she just licked away suddenly reappeared and now her mouth was taped again. She cried and screamed as she was forced to sniff Tara's feet once again. "Yknow what. I have a better idea for you." Tara snapped again and Rachel's vision went black.
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