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Prayer will bring answer
Prayer - it comes from praise,
It comes from trembling souls ,
It comes from desirable heart;
It gets priority in our danger,
It is our tool in our needs,
Yet prayer is believed as a powerful tool to reach god.

A man born in a poor family, prayed to god. He prayed daily for his needs. He had a beautiful dream to build a new house.
It was like a mirage to him, because he earns only for his daily needs and as well as for his family needs. He had so much struggles in life but, he overcame every struggles easily. He believed his prayer has helped him to overcome all his struggles. But, his desire for the new house, is still a mirage. He waited for years. He was so strong with belief in his prayer. Years passed, yet his prayers had no answer. After 30 years, his prayer got an answer. He built a beautiful house without any loans. He saved a little amount every month, it became a big sum after 30 years. He didn't borrow even a single penny. His belief came True. Life is not like a cinema, it can't be changed within a moment; because without god's grace nothing will happen. Our plans, our works will go in vain if the god refuses.

Everyone in the world might have realized that now, because the great corona virus has taught us a big lesson. We might have planned so manh things about this year. But, for our surprise we are locked up in home...

Everything can be changed, pray with faith and hope. God may show mercy one us.
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