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Writer's Cramp Contest
{Link to Item#2230766}{/b}Prompt - A private investigator, hired by the town officials, has to find the thief who steals
toilet tissue rolls from public buildings.

         A private investigator thought that he had missed her,
         When the town officials began to put on an impression of a clown.
         They couldn't figure out what was happening, so they began to frown.
         We have to find the character who keeps stealing tissue rolls;
         This whole ordeal is beginning to take its toll on why this keeps happening.

         Who would be stealing toilet rolls from the public buildings?
         It's gets pretty hectic, as the thief keeps revealing the evidence of his crime.
         They'll never catch me, he says, because they'll never suspect me.
         This has got to be a comedy that's in progression, for to think otherwise
         Will end up putting him in the brink, "What good would that do, he says".

         This thief is pretty sneaky; he's an expert at doing this kind of a prank.
         His goal in life is to watch people's reactions as they start to complain.
         It's a chain of events, of which people cannot figure out or explain.
         To steal toilet paper from the public buildings is quite entertaining;
         It's not only impolite, but he thinks that this is going to be quite all right.

         I consider it to be somewhat of an event that people will end up laughing at.
         He says that this is a hobby that he immensely enjoys; it's quite gratifying.
         It's so much fun; it's like playing the barrel of monkey's game; they swing
         From tree to tree having the best time in their lives. Playing with rolls of
         Toilet paper is their favorite past time; it's the goal of a lifetime.

         This is like bailing hay and rolling it up into big piles; you do this when you
         Live on a farm. Changing sprinkler pipes is quite an undertaking when you
         Do it by hand. It's quite the balancing act managing those pipes. What does
         One do when you do it in spite? It helps the pasture grow; this I know from
         experience; it grows way too fast, then it's back to the drawing board again.

         Those toilet rolls keep us on track; it would surely be a mess without them.
         Don't look back, just try to catch the thief that took them; he has quite a lot
         Of explaining to do, but he doesn't have anything else to do. Certainly he's
         Got an ambitious nature, which does make him quite suspicious. But, boy
         Oh boy, he finds stealing these toilet rolls quite suspicious, indeed.

         The town officials hired a private investigator to find this thief. So far, they
         Haven't had any good luck. I ask that they don't get stuck in a rut. Let them
         Get struck by the stars and see the error of their ways. After all is said and
         Done, they really did have a lot of fun. Find the clues, the town officials said,
         They should be revealed with many views of what they've said and read.

         Have you guessed by now who this thief could be? It could be you and it
         Could be me or anybody that is considered to be free. I was watching this
         All transpire. It makes me mad when people get by with things that we
         Often struggle with" how they can get away with things that we couldn't.
The thief that was caught in this crime was none other than a two year old child.

         Written By Anna Marie Carlson
         Saturday, August 29, 2020
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