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That's right. The Fundraising shop is Hiring and will actually PAY....
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The holidays are coming! All around the WDC community, there are fundraisers, tempting auctions, exciting new merit badges that need collecting but, do you find yourself short on gift points?

Every successful fundraiser and special event has a team of people working behind the scenes. Sometimes, they are out in front leading the way. I am working to put together a team of dependable, committed individuals who are also creative, self-motivated, and have a healthy dose of self-initiative.

For now, as we get started, all positions will be paid on a commission basis. Later, when we have a steady clientele and a steady income, fixed salaries can be negotiated and implemented.

I have several job openings

There will be times when more than one job comes in at one time. Each project will be assigned to a team leader. It will be the team leader's responsibility to oversee the project or fundraiser. They will communicate with the client, coordinate with all the other team members, and ensure things stay on schedule. They may be called upon to troubleshoot and solve problems as they arise. Team leaders will be responsible for assigning and delegating tasks to other team members.

I would prefer someone with some experience in planning and organizing online projects. Someone who is good at communicating and keeping people motivated and on task. Just because it's work, doesn't mean it can't be fun! A team leader must also be trustworthy and able to handle funds not only for the Fundraising Shop but for our clients as well.

Every team member has a valuable role in each project therefore, you must be dependable and willing to commit to a job. Your Team Leader will assign you tasks as they are needed. Tasks you may be asked to complete are:

*Tackb* Creating a forum, group, or event site to required specifications.
*Tackg* Monitor and respond to posts made in forums
*Tackr* Keep track of and respond to donations, inquires, and emails.
*Tackb* Keeping a record of bids, winners, donors, etc as needed.
*Tackr* Other tasks as needed but not listed.

No experience is necessary for this position. Just a willingness to be dependable, committed, and able to follow instructions.

For the time being, I am looking for ONE Team Leader and at least 5-6 Team Members. Those hired will be on Stand By and should be ready to step up and work when called upon. As jobs come in, I will consider hiring more Team Leaders. Ideally, to give all our clients top-notch, knock their socks off service, each Team Leader will only be asked to work on ONE project at a time.

*Dollar* Commissioned Pay *Dollar*
This means you will be paid per project you work on. Payment will be made when the event or project you are working on is completed. You will be paid no matter what the outcome of the event or project is. While you will be working WITH both me and the client, you will be technically working for ME and I will be the one paying you.

For TEAM LEADERS, your BASE pay will start at 10,000 gift points per project. Larger projects will receive larger base payouts. 10,000 is just the minimum you can expect.

TEAM MEMBERS, your BASE pay will start at 1,500 gift points per project. Unlike Team Leaders, who will only work on one project at a time, YOU may be assigned to more than one project at any given time. The more projects you're assigned to, the higher your commission payments. IF you work for me, consistently for six projects and show your commitment and dependability, I will increase your base pay to 2,500 gift points PER project.

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