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by CJ
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A poem....
I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to cause pain.

Life has scared my soul.
I have things to say
But I lack the courage.

I want to run.
Fight or flight.
I feel nothing for others.

Even those I love.
Pain and sadness
Have killed compassion.

My days are blocks of time.
One minute following the other
For eternity.

I want the time to stop.
I want the pain to stop.
I just want it to stop.

I put on masks.
So I can smile.
So I can laugh.

So much energy spent
Hiding my true self.
So much deceit.

I need a place
Where no one is.

I know where it is.
I know how to get there.

How long before I get my ticket,
Is all I control.

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