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Selena begins waiting for Banu's operation to be over. Part 2
The Adventures of Banu and Selena, Part 3

Banu Get An Eye, Part 2


elena stepped through the door and found a large room with lots of chairs along the walls with tables scattered around. There were seven people in the room. She stood just inside the doorway undecided on what she should do. She could just find a chair and sit and wait. Or she could go over to the toys in one corner. Or she could ...
         "Hi. I am Reggie," a voice said from just in front of her.
         Selena looked down and saw a young Gnome. The top of his head was just above her waist.
         "Oh, hi. I am Lena," Selena said.
         "My pet hopper is in getting his leg fixed. He cut it when he tried to jump over a unigoat," Reggie said then added. "Why are you here?"
         "My bear is getting a new eye," Selena answered.
         "Oh. How did he lose the old one?"
         "A mean gypsy pixie took it."
         "Oh, those gypsy pixies are mean. One stole a brass button off my vest once."
         "Did you get it back?"
         "No, my mommy had to sew a new one on. I don't wear that one anymore, I outgrew it. My little brother wears it now."
         "Do you want to play a game?"
         "Great, they are over here," Reggie said as he turned and made his way to a table in a corner.
         On her way to the corner she passed a very tall troll who had a very worried look on his face. She wanted to ask what he was worried about but wasn't brave enough. Trolls are probably OK. They aren't like the angry giants but she really didn't know much about them. There was only one family in her building and she had never met them.
         "So we can play cards or put this puzzle together or play "Mages and Clerics" or this game," Reggies pointed at each game as he spoke then added while pointing to the last game. "I have never played this one."
         Selena looked at the game. The box had "Pixieland" written on it in large pink letters. She turned it over and the whole bottom side was covered in small writing. She shook her head and said, "This looks really complicated. Maybe we should do the puzzle instead."
         "OK, I like puzzles and this one is of a griffon! They are neat."
         They cleared a spot and started working on putting it together. It was a 3-D puzzle so they had to find the feet and legs first and figure out how they fit together. They worked on the feet and legs together then Selena started working on the wings while Reggie worked on the body.
         "Lena, what are you doing?" Lena's daddy asked in a gentle voice.
         His voice still startled her as she was really concentrating on putting the wing together. She almost dropped it but didn't.
         "Reggie and I are making a griffon. Well, not a real one just this puzzle. Still, it's pretty neat," Selena answered.
         "Hi, Mr. Lena's Dad. I'm Reggie," Reggie said.
         "Hello Reggie. You can call me Mr. Ortega," Selena's father said.
         "OK, Mr. Ortega. I am waiting for Mr. Leapsalot, my hopper to get his leg fixed," Reggie said.
         "Oh, he should be out soon, I think. I am going to sit over here and read while we wait. You two continue building your griffon."
         Mr. Ortega sat in a chair a few feet away and Selena and Reggie continued to work on their puzzle.
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