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Lily revelas to James her feelings for him what's gonna happen?
The stag and the doe

Chapter 1

James Potter were never the boy around the girls doing what his best friend since their first year Sirius Black,he was never the boy snogging whatever girl he wanted at that time he waited for the love of his heart to like him but Lily Evans was an hard person to get liked by if she had seen you many times bully ''innocent'' people or her ex bestfriend Severus Snape as he sees it.Marlene McKinnon was both his and Lilys best friend she always wanted them to atleast be friends but Lily disliked James or what she said she did.James and Lily never fighted maybe argued but it was very rare especially when they are head boy and girl.

Lily was never an girl that fancied James but she started to accept him more and more but never his old bullying which he had ended to be friends Lily or on Lilys good side. Lily had been friends with Remus Lupin and Marlene McKinnon ever since their first year but she shared them with James Potter.She didn't call him arrogant toe rag or something like that anymore because he standed up for her when she was called an really bad word because of her blood status an muggleborn.

-Dora what is it? Lily asked her bestfriend Dorcas who came in breathing heavily.

- James wants down there in the enterance and it's no snogging or sexual said Dorcas

- Dora how do you know that it wouldn't? asked Lily

- Just trust me Lils said Dorcas

-Fine I trust you but tell Remus that I went to mine and James head dormitory we talk about our day tomorrow said Lily.

-He knows that you are gonna be there he was there with James when I came there so I don't need to said Dorcas.

- Okay see you tomorrow Dora I'm going to bed after what James wants me said Lily.

-Good night Lily said Dorcas.

-Good night said Lily and left gryffindor common room.

Authors note: I will not comment on every single chapter but who cares. Here's an chapter very short but I don't know what to write because I want the thing James want alone in one or two chapters depends on details.I hope you all liked this and please write suggestions and corrections if I spelled something wrong or it's something that has to do with my writing.I'm from Sweden and my computer table is saying it's wrong because it's in english.

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