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To Mom, With Love

It's not until recently
that I have come to understand
quite how much of a
thankless task
being a parent can be.
All that peace-keeping,
that invisible education
that you slipped in
with my safety in mind...
Did I thank you?
No, not then,
not once I had reached the age
where parents -
mothers and fathers -
are no longer fool-proof
but are just as fallible
as the rest of us.
But you were my mother
and I was your daughter
and when life reared up to kick me down
you'd be the one there,
offering support
and a shoulder to cry on.
"You can always come home,"
you said.
I never appreciated
the loving touch,
not while I was growing up,
and as much as you'd put your foot down
I'd find myself matching you,
bringing forth a frown
as I tried your patience,
drove you to the point of
Now I'm a parent myself
I'm with you,
beside you,
mirroring your successes
along with your failures
and finally understanding
what a thankless task
being a mother
can seem.

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