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Volcano as it happens!

Glary glistening red hot bright
Lying low braced at night
Misleading the unsuspecting eye
Vertigo posed as symmetry.

At dawn gas and smoke shade skies
Anxiety bides in darting animal eyes
When the beasts of magna aspire
To ignite earth’s core with fire

And paint the surface in lava art
Volcanoes wake the earth's heart
Erupting and throbbing the beat
Growling and chasing all four feet.

Goats running down the mountain chain
The magma heat felt in their brain
Before the hot red webs spun to grasp
Riding away lest flaming fists clasp!

As blazing arrows and spears
Sprint from earth’s eyes as tears
God of the earthlings, what thou see?
Does the feast of lava gratify thee?

Glary glistening red hot bright
Conspires lying low at night
To prey on the gullible eye
To blast nature’s symmetry.

All of the rhyming words at the ends of the line are taken from the poem 'The Tyger' by WILLIAM BLAKE in order, and used to write this new poem.

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