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by Vanden
Rated: GC · Short Story · Adult · #2231042
Amy becomes Jenna's new special friend
Amy woke up realizing that she was still stuck in Jenna’s pocket and pressed tightly against her massive butt. What she didn’t know was that she’d been there for about two hours and Jenna was starting to get a little hungry. Sadly for Amy, the school was serving chili dogs at the track meet.

Jenna got up and walked down the stands, her butt jiggling with each step. This caused Amy to shake as if she was in a boat in the middle of a storm. Jenna made her way to the concession stand.

"I'll take two chili dogs with extra cheese and some chili fries."

"Coming right up, Miss."

Jenna grinned, knowing that Amy was in for a rough time in the next hour. Fifteen minutes later, she received her food and walked back to the stands. She bounced down onto the bench, a bit worried that she might have missed something important.

Saying that Jenna was a bit chubby would be an understatement. When she sat down, her butt fat enveloped Amy once again. It was like a giant mattress was laying on top of her back. Amy tried to squirm up and get out from under Jenna’s rear-end, but she had no luck. She kept trying because she knew she did not want to be around when the gas started. Still, at this point it was clear that she didn’t have a choice.

Jenna took her first bite of the chili dog as she watched the track meet. She savored the taste and texture of the beans, the cheese, and the hot dog. Sadly for Amy, Jenna was also lactose intolerant, so her farts were going to be extra stinky. Jenna finished her first chili dog, and her stomach started to gurgle, making it known to the people around her that they should try to move as far away as possible. It was also a sign to Amy that hellfire was about to rain down on her.

Jenna picked up a handful of chili fries. She started to feel a huge pressure in her stomach, which grow to the point that she was forced to release her gas with a massive PFFFFT! She blasted out a giant cloud of smelly gas. The smell quickly reached Amy’s nose and made her gag. It hit the back of her open mouth. Amy’s head hit the strong deinum wall of Jenna's pocket. The force of the blow knocked her out once again.

Jenna could feel her pants heat up. She also felt the small impact as Amy’s head hit it. To Jenna this felt as insignificant as if someone threw an M&M at her butt cheek. Trying to disperse the, Jenna ground her butt back and forth. This moved Amy’s limp body back and forth and it caused another massive fart to shoot out. Jenna let her body do it’s thing and so she continued to eat her gas-inducing food, causing her insides to churn with each chili-covered fry and hot dog. The race would be over soon. She'd then be able to run to the bathroom without worrying about missing anything important so she just continued to stuff her face until there was nothing left but two small paper containers covered in leftover chili splatters and cheese stains. As the time went by she continuously let out burst after burst of gas, each stinking worse than the last. The butt of her ones black panties turned a greenish brown.

The meet finally ended, and Jenna rose from her seat. This caused her stomach to start to churn a bit and suddenly Jenna had gotten the urge that she had been waiting for. She let out a massive pants splitting fart and started walking to the nearest woman's bathroom, swaying her hips with each step.

The movement woke up her little prisoner. Amy rose from the bottom of the pocket, her mind clouded from the gas that had been scrambling her mind. The thing that shook her right awake was the massive grumble she heard coming from the two giant planets behind her, signaling that something bad might happen if her capturer didn't quicken her pace soon.

Jenna did reach the bathroom door. Quickly walking to the nearest stall, she unfastened her tight jeans and placed Amy on top of the toilet paper dispenser and then she slipped her thong down to her sneakers and slammed her massive behind down onto the white throne. She then grabbed Amy and brought her up to her face as she let out another giant explosion into the water below. She belched in the tiny girl’s face.

“So how was that little one? I’ve got a lot more in the tank and I’m not afraid to use them on someone as miniscule as you. You obviously know how bad my farts can get, so get used to it, because if you fight back I might just have to place you nice and close to the source. So, what’s it gonna be?”

“Never gonna happen bitch,” Amy snapped. “You're gonna find me a cure right now or I’m gonna—“

“You're gonna what? Look at you! You're barely the size of a doll and I’m the only one that knows you exist, tiny. Your options are pretty limited. Imagine if you shrank outside. You wouldn’t even last an hour out there, let alone and entire day. You’d probably get picked up by a stray dog or some little kid looking for a new doll.”

Amy sat down in Jenna’s hand, arms crossed, disappointed to realize that, as much as she hated to admit it, this giant blob of a woman was right. Amy had no choice, at least until they got home. There, she could try to get Kenna’s mother’s attention.

Amy’s world was rocked by another earthshaking fart. A massive flow of diarrhea, which sounded like Niagara Falls, hit the toilet. This terrified Amy to her very core. The smell reached her quickly, causing her to throw up this morning's breakfast.

This little action angered Jenna because a lot of it stuck to her hand. She also saw it as a massive insult from the tiny girl, and so she decided to bring the girl down between her legs where she would be forced to come face to face with her horrid stench, this time without that giant wall of denim protecting her from the much bigger blast. Amy's head began to turn once again as she laid between Jenna's legs trying not to pass out again for fear of what this city sized woman would do to her. She covered her nose and looked across at the massive lips that sat before her. She watched as a golden liquid flowed out of those flood gates, roaring like the ocean waves magnified by the walls of the toilet. She turned around, knowing that she did not want to witness this very private moment, especially from someone that had taken away all her freedom.

“Awww is somebody shy? Come on, you might as well look since you might be seeing these luscious lips a lot more than you think.”

Jenna giggled and sprayed a bit of her pee on the seat, soaking every inch of Amy’s back half. Luckily, Amy wasn’t wearing any clothes which would have made standing a lot harder and made her fall in. Amy cringed at the feel of the giant wave as it caused her back to become warm. The scent hit her nose, making her gag from the salt permeating the air mixing with the fog of shit.

Jenna finally finished and slowly cleaned herself up, throwing away the toilet paper and flushing the toilet. She grabbed Amy and walked over to the sink, dropping Amy in and turning on both the hot and cold water. Jenna squirted some soap on her hands. She gripped Amy once again and scrubbed the soap into her skin, washing off the urine from her body. She brought her back up to the water and let the rushing water hit her hard. Jenna pulled her hands away and grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser. While wiping off her hands, she wiped off Amy, making sure she was nice and dry before bringing her up to her face.

“Are you ready to go home, my little pet? I’ve got a special place for you to ride in while we’re in the car. You’ll love it.”

She unzipped her pants and pulled out her thong, releasing the musk from their confines. Slowly turning her hand, Jenna caused Amy to slip to the edge of her hand, where she latched onto her pinkie.

“You’ve got to be crazy! I’m not sitting in your musky panties while you drive in this heat. You’ll kill me!”

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun. Plus, you’ll have my nice soft pussy to keep you company in there. I promise I won’t crush you while I’m listening to my music.” She giggled and dropped Amy into her panties. She closed her waistband she zipped up her jeans. Jenna walked out of the rest rooms and out to the parking lot of the college.

Amy could see the shadowy figures above her as they moved slowly, threatening to slam down on her if Jenna ever crossed her legs. She felt the a wind move around her with each motion which constantly hit her face with the musky scent provided by the colossal vaginal lip above her that threatened to eat her whole if she wasn’t careful. Jenna reached her car and unlocked the door, but at that moment she felt a tingling in her gut. She needed to make another extremely potent fart. So, she stopped and squeezed really hard, letting the giant silent but deadly fart leak out into her panties. Breathing a sigh of relief, she opened the door and slammed her butt down onto the hot seat, clicking her seatbelt into place.

Unlike Jenna, Amy was able to hear a loud whooshing sound fill her prison and not to long after she was able to smell the putrid gas that came with it. She was then sent flying into the giant lips as her new master slammed down on the seat.

Jenna could feel Amy struggling to get out but this did nothing but cause Jenna to her a bit aroused. She moved her body forward, crushing the tiny girl farther in, which stopped her from moving.

“Calm down, down there! I know you're excited, but I really need to focus on driving, so keep still or there will be severe consequences.”

Jenna started the car and drove away. To make this time worse for her prisoner, she decided to drive with the air conditioning off. Jenna started sweating, turning her panties into a massive sauna. By the time she reached her house, Jenna’s body was drenched in sweat. She got out of the car, her sweat forming a small puddle on the gravel driveway. She walked quickly to her front door, ran to her room, undid her pants, kicked them off to the side with the rest of her dirty clothes, and she slammed down on her bed.

Unable to hold back, Jenna ripped open her drenched thong and pulled Amy out, taking a deep sniff of her body. Her salty scent was intoxicating. She smelled her arm and coughed. Due to the heat of the day and her excitement, her armpits reeked like dead fish. She looked back at Amy with an evil smile.

“Damn, that stinks! It’s definitely gonna be a lot worse for you, little one, when I jam you in there while I play with myself. Hahaha.”

Jenna jammed Amy into her smelly right pit and slammed her arm down, trapping her inside. Amy screamed, unable to move under the weight of that giant, flabby arm. Jenna then moved her hand up to her giant breasts and massaged her hard areolas as the small girl squirmed around in her musky armpit. She felt hotter and hotter as she thought of how bad it must be destroying Amy’s senses while also drowning out her tiny screams. She moved her left hand down to her thong and slipped her pudgy fingers under the waistband, inching towards her tight pussy, giving her chills with each movement.

As her fingers toucher her wet lips, Jenna squeaked with pleasure, taking in the ecstatic shock as it flowed through her body. She clenched her toes and swirled her pointer finger around her pink lips, lubing it up before sticking her finger in between those very lips soft lips. Before that, Jenna had an idea. She pulled her panties off, revealing her puffy vagina to the chilling air of the air conditioner in her window. She raised her arm and released Amy, lifting her up to her face. She gave Amy another big sniff, taking in the gross smell that overcame her miniature body.

“On second thought, I’ve got a much more devilishly delicious plan for you, my sweet little toy. Instead of soaking the sweat up in my tight armpit. I think I’ll use you as my new little dildo for the night.”

“Wait, what was that? You can’t be serious. Haven’t I spent enough time with that dirty monster of yours during that horrendous car ride?”

“Nope, now down to you go, my new favorite toy.”

Jenna winked and stuck her into her mouth, licking her with her giant pink tongue and lowering the helpless little girl down to her big, throbbing lips, bringing her close and slowly slipping Amy’s head in between her hot, soaking wet lips.

Amy could feel the walls throb around her as if they were eating her slowly. She cringed as her new owner's juices hit her face as she slid further inside. Each thrust dragged Amy through Jenna's virgin pussy. Amy squirmed as the heat became too much. Her squirms did nothing but make Jenna more aroused, bringing her closer and closer to her hot, steamy, gooey release, making her love tunnel all the wetter. Jenna’s contractions grew more frequent as she quickened her pace, dragging Amy faster and faster, until she finally tightens her massive body up in one giant orgasm, crushing Amy. Amy’s bones crunched as the walls around her closed in. The air was crushed from her lungs, causing her to pass out for the very last time as her body becomes nothing more than a corpse, stuck in the grasp of her killer's fingers. Her blood mixed with the clear, gooey liquid as it flowed past Jenna’s lips and hit the bed in a splatter of red and white.

As Jenna began to regain her breath and her body started to loosen she noticed the lack of movement in her vaginal tunnel and so she slowly pulled her fingers out to reveal that Amy had been crushed to death

“Awwww, she broke. What a shame. Maybe I should have been a lot more careful. No use crying over a broken toy. Now I just have to figure out a way to get rid of her. Hmmm. Oh I know, I’ll just flush her away like I do most bugs. Lucky for her, I’m gonna send her off with a nice parting gift.”

Jenna felt her last meal begin to stir in her stomach like a beast ready to be released from it’s big squishy cage. This brought a sadistic smile to her face. A loud fart blasted out of her butt, causing the room to smell like eggs and beans. She giggled and slowly walked to the bathroom, carelessly holding Amy’s body by her left arm letting it dangle against her thigh, as her bare feet hit the cold, white floor. A chill went up her body. She then made her way to her porcelain throne, lifting up the lid and without a care in the world she dropped Amy’s lifeless body down into the frigid water, hearing a small splash before the body came back up to float face down in the water.

Jenna then turned around, stripping off her thong and plopping down on the seat, which caused another fart to blast out into the toilet. Jenna then looked down through the hole created by her thick thighs, seeing Amy as she floats below, under her pussy, and so she releases her golden rain down upon the poor girl, causing her body to sink down with each drop, drenching her corpse and turning the water around her yellow, and when the stream finally ceased her body floated back up, taking in the now warm mixture.

But that wasn’t all,. Jenna began to feel the pressure in her stomach grow, causing her to grunt and growl until a massive brown log began to peek out of her tight rosebud, slowly growing with each grunt, while also allowing a few small gas bubbles to slip out causing ripples in the water below. The massive turd grew closer and closer to the water, almost reaching the length of a small snake with the width of a soda bottle, Jenna could tell that this massive thing wouldn’t leave easily, as she continued to push until it was finally cut off by anus, the tip slamming down on Amy, absorbing her body, and becoming her tomb. Jenna then let out three more small logs before finally letting out her last fart, which turned out to be a silent-but-deadly one. She looked down again, getting a whiff of her stink, bring her fingers to her nose to block it out. She then realized that in the apocalyptic mess she made, Amy’s body couldn’t be found, assuming that she was actually planning on looking for her but no, she knew that she had buried her only competition.

“Wow little girl, you smell worse than I thought you would. Well, at least you went out with a blaze of glory.

As Jenna said this she laugh knowing that she would be the only one to actually know what happen to Amy and that her last moments were spent being used as her personal sex toy. She reached over to the low hanging roll of toilet paper and began to clean herself off before throwing each piece down into the toilet, covering up the massive tomb. Before getting up completely and turning around to take one last look at her masterpiece before spitting into the toilet and pulling down on the lever, sending away what was left of the once young adult girl. She pulled up her thong and slipped it back up to cover up her pussy before opening up the cabinet to reveal a small bottle containing a red liquid.

A big grin appeared on her face. She grabbed the bottle, closed the cabinet and walked back into her bedroom, turning off the light. She then set the bottle down on her nightstand and began to put her clothes back on to go out to eat.

The End

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